14.04.2020 Editorial

COVID-19 UnfunnyPranks

By Daily Guide
COVID-19 UnfunnyPranks
LISTEN APR 14, 2020

Spreading fake COVID-19 stories and figures is the highest point those relishing the unfortunate health crisis can get.

We wonder when they would introduce a form of ethics into their agenda.

Perhaps we would be asking too much from them if we demand this level of decency from a group which lacks this quality.

Of course we know this nonsense is being spearheaded by persons with a burning desire to profit from spreading fear and panic.

It is unfathomable what end such a crazy pastime seeks to achieve. We can bet however that it is anything of National interest value.

At a time when the World Health Organization (WHO) Director General has called for both national and international solidarity in confronting COVID-19, it is amazing that for some high infection and death rates should be a matter of joy. We are elated that the police have mounted a search for the bad nuts behind the costly pranks.

When they are arrested the court should decide their fates in a manner which would serve as important deterrent. We have absorbed too much of such costly pranks and now reached a ‘no more’ level.

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