14.04.2020 Press Release

COPIO On COVID-19 And Matters Arising

COPIO On COVID-19 And Matters Arising
LISTEN APR 14, 2020

Centre of Posterity Interest Organization (COPIO) is an ally of rural community women, youth, children and the aged. COPIO believes and practices women and general public empowerment and is motivated to help change the world by working on awareness, advocacy, and support to individual women and girls, organizations and projects dedicated to the improvement of women and girls suffering from poverty, oppression, abuse and a lack of opportunity.

At COPIO, we wish to express our gratitude to the Government of Ghana for putting aggressive measures to tackle the global pandemic in these difficult times. The call for total lockdown in the country is not the way to go at this serious moment.

The poor in society who have to depend on their daily activities for survival would be hardest hit if the policy of total lockdown is implemented in the country. We, Centre of Posterity Interest Organization would want to urge the government to invest its energy, time and other resources on the partial lockdown and again identify other vulnerable groups in the intervention who are mostly excluded and extend support for them.

The government’s current interventions of providing free water and electricity rebates to the citizenry and food to the vulnerable groups in the lockdown areas are innovative and should be applauded. We urge that helping hand should be extended to those who do not have shelter in these lockdown communities.

The security apparatus, staff of the Social Welfare Department and other stakeholders should quickly identify the poor in those areas and provide them with necessary food and relief items to make life comfortable and bearable for them instead of calling for total lockdown.

Total lockdown will bring untold hardship onto the citizenry especially those working at small and medium enterprises. The government again will have to compensate all these groups so they can manage risk.

Already the government is over-burdened, especially absorbing water bills and electricity rebates and the provision of incentives to front line health workers. This means total lockdown will multiply government expenditure in the coming days

In conclusion, we hope the government will not heed to the pressure for total lockdown since that pressure is borne out of panic without any statistical data.

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