14.04.2020 Press Release

Group Claims NPP Leadership Purposefully Failing And Must Act Immediately 

Group Claims NPP Leadership Purposefully Failing And Must Act Immediately 
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Coalition of Young Patriot (CYP) wishes to draw the attention of the good people of Ghana and Leadership of NPP that the dignity of humans is a priority especially in the era of this public health crisis (COVID-19).

We are wondering how Ghanaians will receive, Saturday, 25th April 2020 Primaries of the ruling NPP government. CYP is also following with keen interest, the silence of the NPP Leadership with regards to the wrong timing for the primaries; and we believe that should the primaries be held on the said date, the trust, and faith reposed in the NPP party by its members across the globe would be eroded.

Our expectation was to hear realistic pronouncements from the General Secretary of the NPP making the news in the major print, electronic, and social media last week. Regrettably, that was not the case; he rather justified and engaged in cognitive speculation. The General Secretary missed the opportunity to provide adequate and strategic measures to restore faith in our grassroots, during his media interview.

CYP believes that in order for the ruling NPP/Government to have a meaningful impact on its people and also continue to enjoy the confidence and applaud of Ghanaians with the government’s efforts in the fight against the pandemic, the implementation of H. E. the President’s directives on the ban on social and political activities or gatherings is key.

We are not in any position instructing the General Secretary on how to perform his duties, but highlighting on Article 10(7) of the NPP Constitution and urging him to be proactive in matters of great importance to the Party.

Our position is that;

  • COVID-19 does not discriminate; therefore no separate laws for one section of the public and another for the ruling NPP party.
  • One simple encounter of COVID-19 affected person without symptoms opens the door to the spread and risk to human life; therefore the ongoing campaign at the various constituencies puts our people at risk and must stop immediately.
  • Electoral area elections mostly result in fraud, vote buying, intimidation, and violence. Historical records also show that such electoral processes create unnecessary tensions to the extent that people lose their self-being and act awkwardly as a result of electoral defeat or success.
  • The ‘Social distancing’ policy does not stop the spread but rather limits it; let’s not put a burden on health professionals and our poor health system. Prevention is better than cure. Stay Home.
  • NPP must postpone the 25th April 2020 Primaries; it will be imperative and utmost priority to help save the lives of delegates in order to secure four more for Nana Akufo -Addo.

We are calling on all stakeholders across the nations not to wait until corpses pile up on our streets in Ghana before we do, “doing too little too late”.

We are therefore as matter of urgency calling on the Leadership of the Party that, their actions and inactions would reflect among the electorates, and not make the President Akufo-Addo’s directives become counterproductive.




Jones Twumasi

Elliot Davis

Kwame Fosu

Hakeem Fawaz

Yaw Takyi


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