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Easter: Jesus Christ Didn't Consider Any Prize Too High To Pay ― Abe

Easter: Jesus Christ Didn't Consider Any Prize Too High To Pay ―  Abe
LISTEN APR 13, 2020

Former representative of the Rivers South-East Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe has said that Jesus Christ did not consider any prize too high to pay in order to save mankind.

Abe, in his Easter message titled: "HE IS RISEN" called on Nigerians to use the period of the crucifixion and resurrection to pause and reflect on the importance of the sacrifice of Christ to the salvation of humanity. In his words, “Leadership without sacrifice is meaningless”.

He stated that Jesus Christ fulfilled his commitment to lead mankind to salvation by sacrificing his life that we may have life.

He said: "As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ during this very challenging episode in human history, humanity has found itself in a novel situation created by the coronavirus, the same spirit of sacrifice is required of each and every one of us in order to overcome the pandemic.

In our current situation, every Nigerian is a leader because everyone by his action or inaction can either contribute to the safety of our society and our nation or jeopardize it".

The Senator further advised that we all take positive actions in the war against COVID-19.

This, according to him, could be achieved by adherence to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to stay at home order.

"By staying at home you help to protect others from harm, where you have to go out please observe social distancing, wash your hands frequently with soap and water and advise others to do the same.

Even more importantly, avoid spreading fake news, false propaganda and hate".

He added: "Let us spread, unity, love, and hope which is the essence of Easter.

Everyone is a leader and everyone can help. You may not have enough or have the need to call a conference to show your kindness but please in the spirit of sacrificial leadership do the much you can, give something to someone and allow God who sees the heart to reward and bless.

We have nothing to fear, the resurrection of Christ is our assurance that we shall rise above our present adversity".

He called on Nigerians to pray that God in His infinite mercy will bless and protect the nation, particularly the health workers, emergency response personnel, and security agents who are directly at risk every day in this crisis.

The national task force on COVID-19 and all state and local government agencies that are acting to protect our citizens through this Easter season and beyond".

Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Ngei Abe

April 12, 2020

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