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Akatsi South: Lawui, Klokpui Residents Share Muddy Water With Reptiles, Rodents And Other Creatures

By Japhet Festus Gbede
Akatsi South: Lawui, Klokpui Residents Share Muddy Water With Reptiles, Rodents And Other Creatures
LISTEN APR 12, 2020

Muddy water, with a major part filled with pond scum and brownish in color is the dreary of a water body which serves about 2000 residents of Lawui and Klokpui a predominantly farming Communities in the Wute Electoral area in the Akatsi south constituency of the Volta region.

Residents of my Electoral Area are forced to share the only source of Water in the area; a nearly dried up dugout which was drilled in response to an ever increasing demand for Water for use by Residents of my Electoral area over 3 decades ago by former President JJ Rawlings is shared by both humans and animals particularly cows, goats, dogs and sheep's belonging to Fulani herdsmen in the area, the Assembly Member or the Area, Hon. Wisdom Akpablie ( Sir Contour) added.

Lawui, a farming Community with a population of more than two thousand, does not have access to several social amenities and basic life essentials including safe water.

There is no road to the area to help in transporting their crops to the market too on time marking life so unbearable in the Area, the furious Assembly member disclosed.

According to the Assembly Member, Hon. Wisdom Akpablie the distance to the only water source makes his Electorates exposed to several water born diseases and this continue to affect their wellbeing day in day out.

The deprived residents of the Communities drink water from a dirty, Muddy dugout which is only accessed aftee a trek of many miles.

It has been disclosed that, because it is a farming Community, their livestock also depend on the unhealthy water source for survival.

The worried Assembly member seized the opportunity to call on Ghana Government, Philanthropists, NGO's and Churches for intervention.

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