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Literacy Ambassadors Ghana Congratulates Mrs. Jemima Marian Adzroe

By Tulasi Mathias
Literacy Ambassadors Ghana Congratulates Mrs. Jemima Marian Adzroe
LISTEN APR 11, 2020

The management team and the entire membership of Literacy Ambassadors Ghana (LAG ) wish to congratulate Mrs. Jemima Marian Akua Adzroe who has been appointed as the General Manager of E P Church Schools in Ghana.

As an organization that is into literacy-related issues among the citizenry especially among pregnant women and basic school pupils, your appointment came as no surprise to us since we are of the firm belief that you have all the wherewithal to perform the huge task that lies ahead of you as a result of this appointment to the superlative.

Again, we are extremely convinced that your natural qualities of seriousness, selflessness, hard work, determination, passion for academic excellence, team spirit and commitment to duty will enable you to immensely discharge the expected positive transformation of the country's E P Education Unit and thereby making it one of the best in Ghana and beyond.

As someone who on many occasions directly has been part of our literacy promotion activities among learners.

It is our optimum hope that you will do your best in formulating new policies that will be aimed at promoting literacy among all pupils attending E P schools across the country.

It is a fact that the majority of our Ghanaian school pupils cannot read and understand English coupled with great challenges in writing legibly.

Children's success or failure begins in the early childhood years.

It is, however, unfortunate that in our country over the years only a little attention had been given to Kindergarten Education.

Poor foundation at the first levels of education are the major causes of low literacy and numeracy in the primary school level and this permeates through to Junior High School and so on.

It is again highly evident that this denies most pupils the opportunity to develop cognitive and psycho-social skills which are indeed the very ingredients that build solid pillars of literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills.

It is our fervent prayer, the good Lord who appointed you to this highest office within the E P Education Unit, will continue to guide, direct, protect, strengthen, encourage, and inspire you throughout the period of your office.

As a literacy organization, we are extending our unflinching support in your quest to help address issues concerning literacy in the EP Schools across the country.

Our expectation is you committing to a vision in which anything less than 100% functional literacy in EP Schools is unacceptable and thereby sweeping away the saying that if you want to hide something away from the Black man then put it in a book.

Prior to her appointment, Mrs. Marian Adzroe was the Headmistress of Ho- Kpodzi E P Basic A" school and the founder and director of Erijem Institute in Ho.

Once again, Congratulations!

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