12.04.2020 Opinion

A Time To Sort Out Our Religious Leaders To Separate The Quacks From The Genuine Is Now!

By Edem Kofi Awude
A Time To Sort Out Our Religious Leaders To Separate The Quacks From The Genuine Is Now!
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One of the greatest challenges the World faces in our fight against the Coronavirus and any future Pandemic is the cooperation of the masses in conforming to the only known Scientific and Medical guidelines our Health and Scientific Community, would by consensus, offer.

The fact that Medical Experts, all the World over, have found no cure for the disease, thus far, is indisputable. And, the only effective means they all seem to suggest for staying safe are keeping the recommended Social Distance, and using PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) to prevent infection.

It is therefore unthinkable that any leader in any Nation, be they Political or Religious, would pressure their Communities to defy the instructions of the Medical Experts and Scientists, and massively assemble for any reason. It is on this premise that I question the motives of those Religious leaders, (Pastors, Evangelical Clerics, etc) who are bent on defying the Government’s directives to suspend all Church Services till the disease is well contained.

I have submitted the core of this message on other Social Media Platforms, in case anyone would find this piece similar. But I would be remised if I did not share it with a wider audience via the Media that our folks in Ghana most commonly appear on. I am only an additional voice to emphasize our need to obey the guidelines the Government and WHO (the World Health Organization) have given out. Anything less would be further jeopardizing the lives of all.

To respond to the religious bigots in their professed faith, I could not help but call them out as Pharisaical, led by exquisite Con Artists who have no qualms brandishing the Bible to lure tithes out of the poor, needy Congregants.

Those Church Leaders have nothing to offer the People but a platform they are eager to repopulate to extract Offertory from for their exclusive luxury. Why don't they use their long-held claim of Healing Prowess to stem the Plague to reassure their Congregants? Any sensible, honest Christian would acknowledge the instructions of the Physicians and Scientists who are at the forefront of fighting the Pandemic.

People must boycott for good the Churches that are pressuring them to re-congregate prematurely, ignoring the fatal threat of the disease. Listening to these Church Leaders and their misguided, arrogant irreligious political hacks would only exacerbate the damage the Coronavirus is unleashing upon the Nation.

We all must vehemently reject the platitudinous deference of every bad fortune to any pre-ordained wish of the Divine, as these Church leaders are wont to make after such catastrophe as this Plague hits us. And, no Church-goer must believe the insinuation of their Pastors that suspending attendance is some aberration of God's expectation under these circumstances.

The Lord even admonishes us to see Physicians when confronted with sickness. Nowhere in the Good Old Book do we see Christ stipulating preference for the total disregard for the Physicians' advice. People must use the very gift of wisdom God endowed us with to follow Christ's teachings.

They must not leave learning the Scriptures to these Pastors alone. They must trust to find answers to Religious questions in the Bible themselves. It is by their own personal faith that they would access the Lord’s favor.

He offers us all that opportunity via His Grace. Therefore, our Salvation does not emanate from any obeisance to these Dollar-Programmed parasitical Clergies. The Lord does not give fatal advice to anyone. So, would none of his true Pastors mislead them?

Long Live Ghana!!!

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