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The Museveni Push-Ups Video Is Mainly For Political Purposes!

The Museveni Push-Ups Video Is Mainly For Political Purposes!
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Museveni has made an awesome video during the lockdown in Uganda, and its hitting headlines everywhere. Most importantly, he has hit four birds with one stone:

1. Good publicity for any politician is gold. The video is being shared all around the world on news and in various Facebook and WhatsApp groups. He is campaigning with this video. He has been campaigning since the lockdown, and we are all, stupidly, campaigning for him.

2. It's inspirational….Yes, it inspires both the young and old to take physical exercises seriously. ‘If a 70 plus year man can do 30 push-ups, what about me’? –That is going to be the message in people’s brains for a while

3. Health promotion purposes---People will find no need to leave their homes to go and do exercises outside the house during the lockdown

4.It reconnects him with the youths who are the majority in Uganda. Believe me, there are youths now looking at him as some ‘Schwarzenegger’ of some sort. And yes, this is Kyagulanyi’s base he is rubbing shoulders with. It will also boost him politically. The " Bikwase kyagulanyi " nonsense has been sliced down into pieces.

That said, I can't see Kiiza Besigye making a similar video-- he isn’t a copy and pastes guy. But the musician may make one soon doing pressure ups himself, or even better when he's chasing Barbie doll!

Some people are saying that the video might have been edited to fit the purpose, and they are probably right, but what I know is that Your muscles do what you train them to do, if you only do pushups in time you will get very good at doing them. If Museveni has been doing this for a while, then its easy for him to do it now.

Old people of Museveni’s age should not force themselves to do similar pushups—they can do pull-ups from a chair, or something less strenuous, like walking around the house. The best exercise is what you will actually do, not what others so. The best time to exercise is when you will actually do it.

It does not have to be the same thing, same time, all the time or every day in every season. You have to figure out what will actually work for you in your life --your abilities, preferences, resources, schedule, other obligations, what you can swing,

what you can adapt, etc. Don't get hung up on what would be "perfect" or even "better" -- focus on the possible and doable. Keep at it. But don't overdo it and risk burnout. Check with your doctors before doing anything more vigorous or extended than you're already used to.

Most studies find that aerobic exercise of moderate duration and intensity has the largest effect. As a twist: the key element is sitting less time on your butt and not the "exercise" itself. So even standing is better than watching TV

I'd like to add to that. Don't just do "exercise" and then lounge around the rest of the time. Stay as active as possible during the day.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

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"Men in authority will always think that criticism of their policies is dangerous. They will always equate their policies with patriotism, and find criticism subversive." - Henry Steele Commager 1902-98

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