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Lockdown: Sisters Keepers Association Support The People Of Nima And Madina With Food

By JonilarOnline
Lockdown: Sisters Keepers Association Support The People Of Nima And Madina With Food
LISTEN APR 10, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a partial lockdown of Ghana’s national Capital, Accra and the other two regions for the next three weeks.

The lockdown also means slow pace of economic activities which is leaving thousands of people struggling to survive.

In light of this development, an all-female Non-governmental organization, Sisters Keepers Association has donated foodstuff to the less privileged in Nima and Madina to sustain them throughout the period.

According to the organization, they anticipate the impact of this lockdown hence the intervention in these areas and the plan to also reach out to other ghettos in Accra and other parts of the country.

The Assemblyman for Skippers(Nima), Mr. Abdul Ganiyu Ibrahim better known as Mallam Fari expressed his gratitude to the organization and also urged others to emulate.

Accra is currently the epicenter of COVID-19 in Ghana with more than 200 people tested positive and currently under intensive care. The central government led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo is working industriously to curb the outbreak.

The three weeks lockdown is in its second week and expected to be over late April.





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