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20.05.2006 Education

PTA Chairman deplores anonymous letters


Mr Emmanuel Ignatius Addae, Chairman of the Apam Secondary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA), has appealed to people who have problems with the School to use dialogue and the laid down channels for grievance resolution with the authorities instead of writing anonymous letters to high places.

He noted that the writing of anonymous letters making false claims in the media especially radio were not in the interest of the School and said anyone found in such an act would not be spared. "It will not help anybody," he stated at an Executive meeting of the PTA at Apam.

The PTA Chairman said since his assumption about two years ago the new Headmaster, the Old Students Association (ASSOSA) and the PTA had been making every effort to give the School a face-lift. He described relations between the three bodies as very cordial leading to an improvement in discipline, academic and sporting activities and said toilet facilities and streetlights provided by the PTA would be commissioned on the 27th of this month Mr Addae noted that incentive packages for teachers and textbooks donated by the Old Students and some friends of the School have led to an improvement in academic work.

He expressed regrets that while efforts were being made to raise standards in the School some "detractors" were inciting the students to "revolt" against the authorities by refusing to pay their fees. The PTA Chairman stressed the need for parents to advice their children to be wary of people who would try to "put them into trouble". "Even though discipline has improved considerably I will appeal to parents to educate their children on why they are in school when they go on holidays," he stated