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COVID-19 Bats, Pangolins And Snakes

By James Worlator Doe
COVID-19 Bats, Pangolins And Snakes
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Do the world's people in all the COVID-19 occuring countries eat bats like the Chinese? The answer is, No.

But in the microbial world of viruses, fungi and bacteria are all around us or even inside us.

There is a constant and ongoing struggle as in the "survival of the fittest."

It is either humans stay in their lane or we attempt to interrupt their nature then we'll can face the threat of inihilation by these microbes like in this recent COVID-19 encounter.Their population can only be described as uncountable. So we should not mess with it.

For instance, if they live in bats let them alone to live there. Or if that is your best delicacy and only source of protein boil them well to denature it's virus proteins and melt the outer fat before you eat them. "I don't recommend it!"

The rather peculiar thing with a virus is that it is not even "alive" or living but only a genetic material or code in the form of an RNA or DNA coated with a fatty substance. It will begin to live if it attaches to a living organism, like in an animal or human tissue.

By doing that as a foreign body it will begin on the distructive path. So a virus will only seek to stick on any favourable living organism for it's own survival.

Once it finds this space, in an animal or a person it mutates quickly and try to remain or stick to where it has found.

Therefore unless it is removed quickly from entering points of our face like, nose eyes or mouth even our ears it is destined to reach our lungs and even kill us.

Once it survives in one human being and copies that genetic material it will find other human beings to infect, then it becomes a human to human infection.

This mean even if you did not eat that bat, it would have adapted through mutation by jumping from the animal barrier to the human.

This COVID-19 is not only got through bats but could have also come from pangolins and sometimes snakes that originated from the Wuhan fish or wet market in Hubei province of China.

So the important advise is not to create the condition for the virus to thrive. But now it has jumped the barrier from animals into humans and very recently vice versa at a zoo.

The virus can be distributed airborne as aerosol and droplets from somebody through sneezing and coughing respectively. It is dangerous.

There is no vaccine or immediate cure yet, except protecting yourself and building immunity. We may also be seeing this occurring every year and there is a chance that it may be a one off.

So the immediate and surest way to overcome the virus is first, breaking the chain of the virus infection by staying at home. It seems the game-changer protection in this instance will be wearing masks, masks and masks all the time. Since this has been proven by science.

Follow preventive measures by doing all the necessary and prescribed protocols of, hand washing with soap, social distancing, covering your face; nose and mouth with mask.

Also using alcohol-based sanitizer to wipe off and cleaning hard surfaces like door knobs, handles, railings, all metal and plastic surfaces, etc. So that even the sick or asymptomatic person who has immunity will not infect us.

BY Doe, James W. (Dr)

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