08.04.2020 Regional News

Fear Cerebrospinal Meningitis Than Coronavirus--Dr. Elizabeth Agyare

By D. C. Kwame Kwakye
Fear Cerebrospinal Meningitis Than Coronavirus--Dr. Elizabeth Agyare
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The Infectious Disease Specialist at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital (CCTH) Dr. Elizabeth Agyare has advised Ghanaians not to be scared of the coronavirus pandemic but rather should be careful with themselves.

She said all we have to do is to be very cautious and adhere to all the necessary protocols but not to be afraid to the extent that we cannot go about our normal duties. In explaining further, she was quick to add that "if you're an individual who likes buying things from the market daily, then you need to learn how to buy things in bulk and reduce the number of times you visit the market". "If you've nothing important to do in town, stay home".

When asked what are the common signs of COVID-19, she said common colds, running nose, fever, high temperature plus others are a few of them.

Dr. Agyare was speaking to Ben Nartey, host of Central Morning Show on GBC Radio Central today, Wednesday 8th April 2020.

Advising all Ghanaians, she said it would be expedient for everyone to do regular check-ups. "If you're between 35 and 40 years and have done check-ups and all is well, then you can repeat every 2 years but if there is a problem, then you can arrange with your doctor as to what to do".

In answering a question about Cerebrospinal Meningitis, she said that is even more deadly than Covid-19. CSM kills about 40% of patients while Covid-19 does about 3%. She rather added coronavirus has taken our attention so much that we're not focusing much on CSM. "I fear CSM than coronavirus".

In concluding her discussion, she advocated for assistance for CCTH and said that the campaign being waged by GBC Radio Central for assistance to CCTH has yielded a lot of positive results with the MP for Cape Coast North Barbara Asher Ayisi donating some items to them and Coastal TV providing them with one hot lunch every day. "We need more support and that serves as a good motivation for us"

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