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Coronavirus: Experience Should Preserve Us

Coronavirus: Experience Should Preserve Us
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The 2020 outburst of coronavirus (COVID-19) has really shaken many countries financial and social standing. It is such a remarkable pandemic that cannot be forgotten in history of the world. Both claimed small and great nations are seeking for a common intervention – a cure to the widely spreading virus. It has been such as extent that the very name of coronavirus conjures fear and willing separation of husbands and wives, closure of churches, and many groupings in society, all over the world.

Against usual customs, to be safe, all have to play by the rules - wash your hands with soap under running water, use hand sanitizer and avoid large crowd (social distancing). Once there is no immediate cure, some countries have implemented many trial measures including border closing and lockdowns. It is pathetic that many lives will be lost during this period due to hanger, and military force. Even the well-developed countries for once are crying of not having enough beds at hospitals. This tells the sorry state of the less developed countries which are hit by the coronavirus. History will well remember the year 2020.

The coronavirus, as we battle it out now, has proven to be an outstanding example of man’s limitation, using whatever means he has – including first-class science, wealth, and internet of things (IoT).

Unfortunately, all affected countries are seeking help, including finance and personal protective equipment (PPE). It is worsening to the extent that resources of the future generations of some less developed countries have been put on the line. In the midst of all these, the future is still unknown with the virus. For instance, previously recovered countries such as China has new positive test of the same virus.

What we desired after the Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV) was a cure. Without any success for years, now we have the coronavirus - 3 full moons without a cure. These are prove to man of our limitation and warning signal to government of all countries to always be on the guard in preparation for the worse. Whether there is a disease outbreak or not. Because the worse may be yet to come considering growing populations of countries, IoT, and move towards globalization.

Whiles, we pray coronavirus to fade away soon with the HIV, we should let their experience preserve us.

Kwame Grundow
[email protected]
Ashaiman, Greater Accra Region

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