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Nigeria In Diaspora Organisation, NIDO Ghana Donate Bags Of Rice To Traders At Circle

(Left) NIDO President, in blue Chairman Eagle Digital (circle Traders)
LISTEN APR 8, 2020
(Left) NIDO President, in blue Chairman Eagle Digital (circle Traders)

Following the continuous increase of COVD-19 cases in Ghana and Nigeria and the efforts of governments of both countries to alleviate the suffering and reduce the pressure on households, the Nigeria in Diaspora Organization, NIDO Ghana chapter has set up a welfare package, “NIDO Relief Program”, to mitigate the pressure on individuals and families in Ghana.

On Tuesday, the Executives of the organization met with leadership of Eagle Digital, the body that coordinates activities of Nigerian traders whose shops have been closed down for over three months at Circle. They encouraged the Traders to be law abiding and comply with the requirement stated by the government of Ghana in order for their shops to be opened.


The organization donated bags of rice to the Traders as a measure to ensure that no member of this troubled group go hungry and resolve to unlawful ways of making a living or disobey the order of His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo. Over 200 traders are expected to benefit from this gesture of love.

The leadership of NIDO Ghana, disclosed that this presentation was the first in the series, which will be distributed amongst different demographics in the capital city, Accra in support of the government of Ghana to make sure that everybody obeys the stay home order. They believe that when the daily need of a family is provided there will be no need to flout the stay at home order.

Addressing the Traders, Ing. Boniface Nnawuba, CEO Flodavik Limited and Chairman of the Relief Committee says, “we have come to show our immense love to our brothers who have been in distress since the closure of their shops, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic which has added more challenges to their livelihood.” He further said that, “this is the first in the series of presentations in support of Government’s effort to ensure that everybody residing in Ghana is safe and comfortable during this COVID-19 period.”

Mr. Kingsley Attoe, CEO Hilight Shipping and current President of NIDO Ghana, encouraged Nigerians to be law abiding in the face of the Trade impasse. He assured Nigerians that NIDO and the government of Nigeria was working on resolving the complexities of trade between both nations. He says plans were on the way to support frontline staffers, security agencies and students during this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown period.


“The challenges we have here is as a result of the enforcement of Ghana’s laws. The good thing is that government is looking into it to make sure there is a solution. I believe our brothers in Ghana will have a compassionate heart and find a way to do your business.” Chief Calistus Elozieuwa, Chairman Board of Trustees, NIDO Ghana and Chairman of West Trasacco Hotel Limited gave these words of encouragement to the despaired Traders in Circle.

He advised them to continue to obey the laws of Ghana and look around their neighborhood and espouse the Nigerian spirit of giving. He says “the issues of the locked shops cannot destroy the relations between Ghana and Nigeria. And I am believing God that this event will help us unite more.”

The President of Eagle Digital, received the presentation on their behalf. He thanked NIDO Ghana for their gesture of love during “this trying period.”

Present at the presentation were the 3-member committee made up of Ing. Boniface Nnawuba, Iposu Elijah Oluwakayode and Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi. Also present were the President and BOT Chairman of NIDO Ghana Kingsley Attoe and Chief Calistus Elozieuwa.

Funds for NIDO Relief Program was raised through the benevolent contribution of Nigerians resident in Ghana via the NIDO platforms. The committee expressed their gratitude to the Nigerian community for contributing towards this Relief Program.

Nigeria in Diaspora Organization, NIDO, is an initiative of the government of Nigeria to coordinate the affairs of Nigerians in the Diaspora. It is managed by a commission Nigeria in Diaspora Commission situated at the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In addition to the Ghana Chapter, there are chapters in counties in all the continents of the world.


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