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AWLA call for action against domestic violence

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Accra, May 18, GNA - The African Women Lawyers Association (AWLA) on Thursday strongly condemned the continued perpetration of domestic violence against women and called for a united front to make the country safe for them.

In a statement on the murder of Margaret Otu by her husband on May 6 at Madina in Accra, AWLA said the tragic event showed that domestic violence still plagued the lives of many women throughout Ghana, depriving countless women of their safety and dignity. "Madam Otu's violent death has brought to the public eye the brutality of domestic violence; violence that is too often kept in the shadows of private homes. "Madam Otu's tragic loss should awaken all community members and our politicians and law enforcement agents in particular to make strides against all violence against women by working towards its prevention and by holding those accountable for the pain and suffering they have caused to our community."

The Women Lawyers said the loss of the woman demonstrated that the problems of domestic violence needed to be brought to light and addressed by everybody in order to stop the violence against thousands of women every year. "Only a united front will be able to make our country safe for every man, woman and child and ensure that traditions of the importance of the family, of dignity, and integrity are passed to all future generations."

AWLA said in order for Ghana to fulfil its potential as a nation, all women must be recognised for their important roles as economic, political and educational leaders, caregivers and role models for future generations.

"Women are an essential ingredient in any movement toward positive economic and democratic development, and without the proper recognition they deserve, women will not be able to contribute to any efforts made by lawmakers and the community leaders to provide Ghana with a stronger, brighter future," AWLA said.

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