Coalition Of Unemployed Allied Health Professionals: Post The First Brains Behind The Fight Against COVID-19

Press Statement Coalition Of Unemployed Allied Health Professionals: Post The First Brains Behind The Fight Against COVID-19
APR 7, 2020 LISTEN

"It has been said that evil prevails where good men do nothing." Since the outburst of the Corona Virus on Planet earth originating from China and to the other countries, high sense of eulogies has been bestowed onto doctors and nurses across the world and particularly my country Ghana.

But the question I ask, Is these Eulogies worth it?

There is a group of Health Professionals who have vital roles to play when it comes to Pandemic like the current Covid-19 but these health professionals have been looked down upon and neglected by the government.

This group of Health Professionals is called Allied Health Professionals which include but not limited to Medical Laboratory Scientists, Disease Control Officers, Field Technicians, Health Promotion Officers, Health Information Officers, Records Officers, and many more other professionals.

This group of Health Professionals is the frontline healthcare providers that have the required and exquisite skills and knowledge in dealing with Pandemics such as Covid-19.

Taking for example, have you ever asked yourself?
"Who identifies a suspected Case and Who does tracing of contacts of the suspected case?,

(The Work of the Disease Control Officer and Field Technicians Respectively)

What about who tests and confirms the suspected case for the doctors to announce to the general public?

(That is the Work of the Medical Laboratory Scientist)

How about the one who breaks the transmission chain of the Virus by educating the community on personal hygiene, social distancing, and other Health Promotion activities?

(Let's Salute the Health Promotion Officers,)
These are just a few to mention and I hope you now will no more wonder who is the First Brain behind the Fight against Covid-19.

On the 21st March 2020 in the President's Address To The Nation, he stated emphatically in His submission on the Third Point. The Ministry of Health is mobilizing New and Retired Healthcare Providers to augment our preparedness in dealing with a possible surge in infections

We the Allied Health Professionals have since not seen nor heard any move from the president in fulfilling what he stated and yet the number of cases keep rising up to the peak each and every day while we are at home Unemployed and have the knowledge and experience ready to Sacrifice for mother Ghana.

We would like to draw the attention of the Presidency that we are ever ready to sacrifice in these hard times of health hazards for mother Ghana and therefore urge the government to hasten the process for us to be at duty to save the lives of citizens of our beloved country.

Thank You.
#PostUsNow #StayAtHome #WeWillSacrifice #Covid-19Away

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