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Masturbation Is Not A Sin In The Bible — CAGA Secretary Challenges

Masturbation Is Not A Sin In The Bible — CAGA Secretary Challenges
LISTEN APR 6, 2020

The Secretary for Concerned About Ghana Association (CAGA) has kicked against claims that masturbation is an evil act or a sin.

According to the Secretary, Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip, people who masturbate are closer to seeing the Kingdom of God than today's hypocrites.

"Most young and Old men or women use Porn, Stimulants, Banana as a tool to aid them relieve themselves of certain sexual urges that will push them to either go after someone's wife, husband or better still lie, deceive someone into a sexual act and we call it a sin or evil, isn't that a comic thought?" he quizzed.

Explaining his point, the Secretary admitted that people do more evil compared to those who masturbate, "Can you give a single Bible or Qur'an verse against Masturbation? But we have Bible and Islamic Quotations against formication, Adultery, Stealing, Gossiping, Selfishness, Greed, Arrogance, Exhibition of Egocentric Nature yet people are into such things, how clean are they to judge or tell others what to do? We always behave as if we are clean most times but it is of no surprise because a mad man never knows he's mad, it is we not in the condition that feels pity for him," he continued.

He stressed that " masturbation will rather keep most people from evil practices such as cheating on one's wife or husband when they travel or by committing adultery, developing the habit of wasting scarce resources on flirting."

Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip asserted that people who masturbate achieve their goals in life because they spend less on flirting and more on investments. "That is exactly what others don't want you to know especially women who wish to keep controlling you through your sexual urge towards them."

Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip who is the Secretary for CAGA is an Entrepreneur and Researcher into Social Issues.

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