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06.04.2020 Feature Article

Let Us Take Better Care Of Our Health - By Growing And Eating Only Organic Food In Ghana

Let Us Take Better Care Of Our Health - By Growing And Eating Only Organic Food In Ghana
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Dr. Shiva, the American scientist who invented email, is a brilliant and decent-minded scientist, with a social conscience, who has his thinking cap firmly on. He has made it quite plain, in a YouTube video interview that has gone viral, that COVID-19 is an illness to do with the immune system. Strong immune systems keep it at bay and help those infected by it, to fight it and recover eventually.

Based on that, the question we ought to ponder over is: As an intelligent people, should we not stop destroying our immune systems, in Ghana, by switching to eating organic foods - just like our forefathers' did before the first Europeans (from Portugal) set foot on our shores, in 1471?

In furtherance of that priority national security objective, one of the first things the Ghanaian government ought to do, after COVID-19 is finally defeated (in order to aid the economic recovery in Ghana), is to enter into a private-public partnership (PPP), with Apostle Kojo Safo Kantanka, to build the world's biggest manufacturing plants: to produce the natural growth mediums; organic foliar fertilisers; and natural pesticides that he uses in his organic farming business.

Naturally, before they start production in earnest, as an emergency national security measure, a total ban must immediately be placed on the manufacture and importation of all synthetic fertilisers, and chemical pesticides, for sale locally. They are destructive to the immune systems of our bodies, and thus pose huge threats to public health, across Ghana. Enough is enough. Let us take better care of our health - by eating only organic food. Cool.

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