05.04.2020 Feature Article

Cashback Guarenteed! How Some Monies Are Finding Their Way Back To Where They Belong!

John Mahama Donates PPE To Ridge Hospital To Support COVID-19 Fight
LISTEN APR 5, 2020
John Mahama Donates PPE To Ridge Hospital To Support COVID-19 Fight


Observer One is my name. You can call me “O-One”, and I stand for the good of all, to God and Country!

COVID-19 has taken over everything today and as we say it; we’re not in normal times! Truly we are in such extraordinary times where, for once, we are witnessing a phenomenon where we hardly, I mean scarcely hear the “opinionating” creaky voices from the green-red black-white flag party folks.

I always want to be fairly in tune with current affairs in our country. For that reason, my radio set is, for the most part, locked on Joy FM and few times on Citi and Peace FM.

For almost four weeks now and counting, the radio airways largely dominated by these giants are now fully dedicated to the novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 pandemic. Funny, right? In my mind’s eye, the situation has naturally, or automatically amplified the voice of “a competent government”. The voice of wisdom and of maturity, a dexterous adventure that’s producing pride from the display of excellent “African” leadership.

While we are still in the fight of our lives, it is worth noting that the performance of the government of Ghana, led by His Excellency the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP Party can be described as excellent!

Indeed, the caution not to politicize the COVID-19 pandemic has by far been the only successful and yielded advice in our political dispensation. I make this assertion purely based on how much exposure I have to media and as much information I get from the same. This is why I indicated which of them I mostly listen to. I should also indicate that I am online 24/7 haven subscribed to numerous news channel notifications amidst all the major social media platforms. I am always getting updates on current happenings and so I’m very confident that the observation I have made is largely absolute.

First of all, one profound statement I have heard in recent times that has not been disputed by any opposing view is “I assure you, that we know what to do to bring our economy back to life. What we do not know, is how to bring people back to life” – HE President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufu-Addo. Prior to this, the president stated what the economy was at the time when he took over the reins of government.

The point is, a good number of such “political point-scoring statements and events” have been made in the last few weeks. I am not quite sure of any such times in Ghana’s history when a sitting president has had to frequently speak to the nation at such short intervals. I was very young, probably a toddler around 1983 and I have not learned how the then-president Jerry John Rawlings managed himself. But without thinking aloud, the current phenomenon will naturally bring about unprecedented levels of endearment with the man at the helm of affairs - President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufu-Addo and his governing NPP party.

Kojo Opong Nkrumah is heard on radio and viewed on tv almost every day and every hour. Social media is always buzzing with the same. Ministry of Health and its allied public health agencies, Ministry of Defence and national security and a couple of others are dominating public interactions like never before in a positive way! A fair judgment would be that this time round issues and matters concerning them or coming from them are somewhat heart-warming and stress-relieving.

Almost all newsworthy political activities are coming from the governing party. So, to appear relevant, I must say, the leading opposition party the NDC are literally lost in the ocean. Fmr. President Mahama in a communiqué to his party folks stated that they should adhere to the precautionary measures advised by the World Health Organization. As though that’s where he takes his leadership from. The very moment it dawned on us as a country to rise to the occasion, the government of Ghana led by Nana Addo published information on guidelines and precautions which we as a people should live by. Subsequent to that, all other communicators speaking for or from both public and private institutions make reference to the leader of this great country – Nana Addo Dankwa Akufu-Addo. Isn’t it curious that the leader of NDC refuses to be a citizen of Ghana as a sovereign nation with a leader? He tells his party folks to listen to foreign powers at the time when the president of this sovereign country and his men have been seen to have risen to the task.

Well, as much as I know, maybe he may have the opportunity to move about somehow, but as the leader of this great country Nana Addo orders a lockdown, all those who perhaps only woke up at Mahama’s advice are also locked down. And in fact, candidate Mahama is also locked down. Largely so. At this point, you should know that I’m driving at mutual respect. If you behave like you’re not of this country what at all should we have to do with you? You do not reserve any ethical right to lead this country anymore.

Here’s what I believe: Ghanaians actually realized their mistake and showed you the exit in a very grand style. A political defeat that has no precedence in this country. And one that’s very scarce in democratic regimes around the world.

So once again, the NPP, as the governing party with its brilliant performance so far in this crisis will occupy the media space no matter what! And as it stands now, we are going to hear very little from NDC. The only way to overcome this will be to viciously concoct issues to poke the government of corrupt practices as they go about finding and working out solutions for the pandemic.

To this, I say, that the parallel COVID-19 Team formed by the NDC will make no more impact than for writers like myself to make mention of that creature without any meaningful substance. Don’t they have any essence at all? Well, maybe they have. Probably to advise candidate Mahama on how to make donations. So, we hear some donations have been made to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital -. A hospital which renovation alone cost this country a whopping $306 million Dollars. An amount that is said to be able to build three (3) - possibly bigger ones. And as we know, hospital infrastructure costing always includes furnishing.

MAY I SUBMIT TO YOU, THAT MUCH OF THE CORRUPTION ALLEGATIONS SURROUNDING THAT RENOVATION PROJECT LANDED ON CANDIDATE MAHAMA’S LAPS. MAKING IT LOGICAL TO CONCLUDE, THAT BY SOME DIVINE MEANS, SOME MONIES ARE FINDING THEIR WAY BACK TO WHERE THEY BELONG. I dare say, that it is very shameful that you only provided 100 PPEs. This is what politicians in Africa do: They invest in menial things to gain popularity for power. When they gain power, they recoup their investment, pay their debts, make immeasurable profits aside what they chop on the go at the expense of the taxpayer, save for subsequent election and then horde for future philanthropic needs.

That’s some food for thought, right? The optics certainly don’t look good for candidate Mahama and his NDC at this material time. The way to make a better impression on the realities on the ground is to strategize your donor activities. Perhaps by organizing and arranging your various arms, departments, groups, and associations to do the donations in turns in a timeous manner. I suppose this needs no further elaboration.

I am advised, so I advise.
I am taught, so I teach.
I am informed, so I inform.
I speak, because I listen and I hear.
Oh, hold it… SHOCKING: just as I finished reading through what you just read to affect corrections I received a notification from this link:

Take note: Mahama donates to hospitalS… emphasis on “S”.

"Who say man no dey"? There we go, and certainly, this will not be the end. I really expect this to happen not every week but every day. Candidate Mahama please do it every day okay. 100 PPEs, 150 PPEs ...please stop this "Makola" bargaining gimmicks. We know very well that it won't cost you anything if you should donate Ten Thousand PPEs to every single Hospital and Polyclinic in the country.


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