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The Spirit's Mission

The Spirit's Mission
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We have to realize as the disciples of Christ that the Holy Spirit came to continue the work of Jesus. Therefore, if the Kingdom of God was Jesus' mission on earth, then it is reasonable to state that the Holy Spirit came to continue the same mission. The Spirit guides the people of God for the sake of mission. Mission is being a part of God's story of the redemption of all creation, and transformation into the Kingdom of God. The church is part of the mission of the triune God to bring heaven to earth, remembering the prayer Jesus taught (John 17).

The role the Holy Spirit plays in my missional life is to help me live for Christ and to incarnate the kingdom principles in my life as I point others to Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus did not give me the person of the Holy Spirit so that I can feel cozy or comfortable in this world. The Triune God did not send us the Holy Spirit so that we can contain Him in our local churches. He sent us the Holy Spirit to empower me to be His witness to others who do not know Him or have any clue about Him. The Holy Spirit came to prepare me to share where I was before my conversion, where He is taking me, and what he wants me to share with others about Him. I do not know about you, but I do not want to enjoy the benefits of the kingdom alone without extending the invitation to others to come and enjoy the Kingdom.

The Holy Spirit is also preparing the hearts of those who do not know Christ to become citizens of the Kingdom. Therefore, Christians should stop giving excuses and go to the hedges and byways to share with those who are not yet citizens of the Kingdom to come to Christ. This is why Jesus came to suffer and died for us on the cross. As we go, the Holy Spirit is already there.

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