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Inusah Fuseini Thinks NDC Operatives Have a Right to Loot Ghana Clean

Inusah Fuseini
LISTEN APR 3, 2020
Inusah Fuseini

He was one of the dozens of Mahama cabinet and executive appointees who were fingered to have criminally taken home double salaries, at the expense of the hardworking and woefully underpaid Ghanaian worker, so I really do not invest or place much premium on the moral heft or legal credibility of Mr. Inusah Fuseini, the National Democratic Congress-sponsored Member of Parliament for the Tamale-Central Constituency. If Mr. Fuseini really knew and cared about the conscientious enforcement of the laws of the land, he would not have willfully and deliberately conspired with his NDC cabinet colleagues, including Mr. Haruna Iddrisu, the NDC’s Parliamentary Minority Leader, who also doubles as the NDC-MP for Tamale-South, to take the entire citizenry of Ghana to the cleaners.

Mr. Fuseini cannot also presume to know the law as well as Mr. Martin ABK Amidu, the Independent Special Prosecutor, or even better because he obviously does not. He may, indeed, have acquired a law degree alright, but it is rather absurd for Mr. Fuseini to even remotely suggest that a crime that was committed against the people of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Ghana abroad ceases to be a crime merely because the laws of Ghana are supposedly territorially defined (See “Airbus Saga: Amidu Should Know Better, It’s Pointless Inviting These Foreigners – Inusah Fuseini” / 4/2/20). It is quite certain that the judges and the prosecutors of the UK-based Serious Fraud Court (SFC) were fully cognizant of the “territorial limits” of English laws vis-à-vis the Airbus SE Payola Scandal, when they painstakingly signaled to the authorities of the five countries whose nationals were involved in this mega-heist that they were willing to cooperate or even collaborate with the governments of these countries – namely, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia – to bring the criminal suspects to book.

And yes, Mr. Fuseini is perfectly accurate to note that Mr. Amidu, the Special Prosecutor, knows a legion of things about the law of which the Tamale-Central NDC-MP may be decidedly ignorant or event totally innocent. If, indeed, anybody or even a group of individuals could simply commit a felony against the people and the interests of other nations and readily get away with the same, merely because these criminal suspects were foreign nationals, or because most laws are territorial in nature, there would be absolutely no existence of International Law and a global policing and law-enforcement network organization called The INTERPOL, that was established precisely to ensure that criminal suspects like those who are alleged to have colluded with the Mills-Mahama regime of the National Democratic Congress, or who think and behave like Mr. Fuseini, were promptly brought to account, irrespective of the provenance, jurisdiction or the location in the world where such crime or crimes were committed.

You see, his trend of thinking gives Ghanaians a lot of insight into the apparent motivating factor that informs the airplane-purchasing theft that has come to be inextricably associated with the leaders of the National Democratic Congress. In the wake of the fingering of the kleptocratic shenanigans of the double-salary drawing Mahama cabinet appointees, I wrote and published dozens of columns in which I passionately gave reasons why thievish politicians like Messrs. Haruna Iddrisu and Inusah Fuseini needed to be promptly flushed out of our political system and culture, if Ghanaian democracy was to retain any remarkable modicum of decency. I am pretty certain that the overwhelming majority of my readers would agree with me on this issue.

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD
English Department, SUNY-Nassau
Garden City, New York
E-mail: [email protected]

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