03.04.2020 Opinion

After This Pandemic Let’s Build Stronger Institutions

By Kwaku Debrah Jnr
After This Pandemic Let’s Build Stronger Institutions
LISTEN APR 3, 2020

The occurrence of the COVID19 pandemic has clearly shown the world the relevancy of building stronger institutions. The potency of an immune system is an automatic antidote to the cure of the Coronavirus as we all have heard and been advised.

It is very unfortunate how our part of the world handled issues with respect to this novel pandemic. but in all, we give glory to where it is due rather pointing blaming hands to where needless.

So far as we do not have a vaccine to cure this pandemic, we do not envisage an end to the victory of this deadly pandemic battle. it is absolutely clear that the end of this novel pandemic burden throughout the world is going to be achieved through strategic measures to be ahead of the virus but not observing its trend of occurrence. It is necessary for all citizenry to, in one accord abide by the directives of leadership and their strategies in trying to control this novel virus.

We cannot ignore the consequences of this pandemic to enjoy maximum social well being which is possible for all humanity. With respect to the heydays of this pandemic, the ability of the government to be successful in curbing this virus, its trend and occurrence solely depend on we the citizens. It is high time we all advocate for a common goal of STAYING HOME. While patiently waiting for the end of this fight, this is the time the government can locate weak institutions in our economy and revamp it to it recognized standard of international recognition.

Notwithstanding the fact that the health sector is the backbone of every economy, the fight against COVID19 has exposed loopholes in our health system which is a call for alarm for any possible future pandemic like coronavirus. The positivity of Coronavirus has been that, we all are equal and need same health attention irrespective of your status in society. The greatest danger in the fight of this virus is ignoring our various institutions at their current stature after the successful fight of this virus. What we are witnessing in the world right now is an eyeopener for leaders to uplift the status of their health sectors to meet the demands of any possible pandemic of this sort

Our immigration laws should be strengthened and to avoid foreign contact of such a virus in the future, strict health measures should be adhered to in the process of transmission from another country to Ghana. The government should be able to provide the necessary logistics’ the immigration services to be able to uplift their process of scrutiny in ensuring our geographical borders are safe and secured.

The National Commission for Civic Education should be retooled to offer in-depth education on such virus and their consequences when contracted. The NCCE has not been apt in the dealings of this virus. If the NCCE were able to do their work very well the security services wouldn’t have found it heinous in crowd control and directives of the president.

In all, it is our hope and wishes with all heart that, a successful end of this pandemic fight will be achieved and life returned back to normal, with the absolute support and compliance of the public in conformity with the president's directives as a possible ideal measure to halt the occurrence of this global crisis which threatens to stop all civilization.

Asem beba dabi

Kwaku Debrah Jnr

Critical Thinkers International

Middle belt.

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