03.04.2020 Feature Article

Love Is A Consciousness...Attune Yours Today

Love Is A Consciousness...Attune Yours Today
03.04.2020 LISTEN

I have met people in this world. Some are handsome and beautiful and the other, financially rich and poor, schooled and educated and what have you. Many of these people that I have met needed someone to trust, rely on, and love them. But only a minute number had the qualities they wanted from others.

So, when they wanted someone to trust, they knew who to go to. To them, this person was a fool, because he was not given to the ramshackle nature of the modern world, where sincerity is attributed as foolishness, but waywardness has all that can be described as smartness.

No matter where the world was headed, those who want to be trusted and counted on will not derail. It, however, takes a great soul to operate on the ladder of trust and love. It takes the agreement of thoughts, agreement of attitudes, and an indistinguishable psychological fixation for there to be love. Against this influence, it takes two persons to love; one person to love his or her universe. Therefore, there must be one who loves more and the other who loves better.

When the heart that loves better, beyond the individual, gets to the crescendo that his or her aura smells of love in the way he or she talks, relates with people, his or her carriage and every other humane attitude oozing out from the person, love becomes a religion.

It was in the cause of making love a religion that Saint Valentine (Valentinus) who is undoubtedly regarded as the patron of love promulgated a school called the Valentinians with the sole aim of studying Christic esotericism in its generality.

There is a scientific aspect of love. We could see how a male and female are inundated when they are truly united in the magical bond of love. They can do everything to aid each other. This is also applicable to when a soul is possessed to love humanity, especially, his or her environment. The person becomes mystical, charitable, and supportive of every cause anybody he or she encounters is going through. It is on this note that I believe that the world needs preachers of love in lieu of preachers of religion.

Conversely, if everyone has the heart of love, then peace, unity, joy, and everything positive will radiate the world. If every heart truly loves, there will be spectacular makeovers in the world such that couples who are truly in love produce. If every heart truly loves, the world will understand the spiritual undertone that produces a lively secretion.

The heart of love is a gift and it bounces from a deep-sea of consciousness. Indescribable and celestial is love. Love is an astonishing huge experience. Where there is love, skirmishes are sent on an errand for joy to reign. In love, human beings are surrounded by eclectic forces of nature. It is, therefore, high time the world looked out for the heart of love. This is because of the cosmic force that love is. We must know that even the stars in the sky love. This is the reason you see a star-making a move to unite with the other at the darkest time of the night.

April 2, 2020.