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Human Resource; Our Crown Jewels--Ms. Nadia Takyiwaa -- Mensah

Human Resource; Our Crown Jewels--Ms. Nadia Takyiwaa -- Mensah
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One of our greatest gems on the continent is human resources. The continent holds many innovations, creative and talented individuals who should be propelling the continent forward and being competitive with some Eastern and Western counterparts.

Ms. Nadia Takyiwaa -- Mensah, the author of self - published book "How to Get Ahead in Ghana, stated that the challenge of access to quality education, lack of nutrition, illiterate parents, culture and indoctrinated religious beliefs, made many people fall short of being able to tap into, let alone reach their potential.

"The biggest challenge is that people don't see themselves as the problem, but rather the government and everybody else." Adding that "this, in turn, causes resentment, anger, disrespect, and everybody for themselves' attitude."

The author who is a British - born Ghanaian who after a spiritual calling moved to Ghana in 2010 and has successfully established two businesses Sixth Sense and Sai Wine Cafe in the ten years.

Ms.Takyiwaa -Mensah said this in a press release issued in Accra.

The book How to Get Ahead in Ghana is made of ten steps that people can take to be able to get on their way to being a better version of themselves.

She said one needs to acknowledge and understand that change needs to start and come from within and is definitely the first step one needs to take.

According to her, in this order for one to be able to appreciate the book and be able to apply it to their lives.

Each of the ten steps has an action point placed at the end of the chapter to allow readers to take their time and think about what they have read and assessed the best way to apply the step to their life.

The book "How to Get Ahead" has eighty-six pages with regular-sized font making it easy for readers took digest and finish.

The book also takes into consideration the environment and cultural nuances allowing readers to relate and comfortably apply.

"There is a really a thin line for people to go from a limited mindset and place in life to absolute greatness and I pray the book would contribute to their greatness," Ms. Takyiwaa-Mensah indicated.

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