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Praise The Church! – Hallelujah!

By Qwesi Nabila Zakariah (@qwesi_nabila).
Praise The Church! – Hallelujah!
LISTEN APR 2, 2020

The growing torrents of COVID-19 have led to a global pandemic, making the times abnormal. Waking up to watch or listen to the news seem like a Hollywood horror movie, it can only be expressed in one word, unbelievable.

The world is on its knees begging for mercy, not the Camp Nou mafia who dazzles football fans week-in and week-out, but the one birthed out of the compassion of Jehovah for mankind. Human wisdom is trying, science is experimenting, medicine is healing but all have arrived at one conclusion thus far, failure, hence pleading for mercy from above. For some people, this is not the time to sing the praises of others.

With our case count rising by the day, I can’t help but partially agree with these lots. But like my late grandmother taught me growing up with this Akan adage, “Sɛ nyimpa yɛ adze a ɔsɛ ayeyi, sɛ ennyi no ayɛw a m’ennsei ne dzin”, to wits, Credit where credit is due.

The coronavirus pandemic which originated from China about three months ago in December, 2019 gradually has meandered its way into Ghana at a time when we had clothed ourselves with some misinformation that the virus won’t survive the tropics of Africa. With “Oboade” being Africa’s number one ally, some said experts had brainwashed us to think that we have been granted eternal amnesty from the prison of coronavirus because “Oboade’s” face (Sun) will always shine on us to grant us natural immunity from Covid-19. But these were all lies with little scientific proof. And so, Egypt recorded Africa’s first case and on 12th March, 2020 Ghana also recorded its first two cases. With our “weather immunity” compromised, we were now faced with reality and being likely to be hit with a calamity should we treat this lightly like other nations had done.

China, Italy, France, USA and the UK had all taught us the lesson that the earlier we moved to fight this virus, the better for us. This bout with corona was not one for the government alone to fight. We all had to be in the government’s corner. This fight needed an all hands-on deck approach because the government alone could not stand the brute force of Covid-19. Institutions and individuals were to provide back up and help the government stand undefeated against the deadly coronavirus. To some people, this was the time for us to see the public-private partnership that every government has always championed. To these institutions, there was no better way to write their names in the good books of the government and etch their names in 2020 “coronated” history than this.

And rightly so, some institutions heeded to the call to support the government and started making donations. They made their donations to the tune of some thousands of Ghanaian cedis, much to the admiration of the public. But one institution which we all knew had the capacity to help, was hiding. They were feeling reluctant to come out. This institution was the church of God. Why is the church adopting this “I don’t care” posture? When she is always asking people to give even in their poverty? Why is she now turning her back on her congregants and the whole nation when she can save herself from some age-long criticisms with a donation or two? This was wickedness to say the least if we we were to be critical of the church. We cannot sit for an institution like the church to “misbehave” right before our eyes. We had to act. The church had to be forced to be responsible. If our mouths could not bring them to book then the law could. This case had to be dragged to court and which better court than the one on the internet with everyone as a lawyer and a judge? This case was going to be tried at the internet’s Supreme Court, Social Media.

This court of competent social jurisdiction was not going to let this go. They quickly arraigned for a hearing with the accused (the church) at the mercy of their unbiased judgement. This jury is a trusted one. It will always make sure that justice is served. From the north, east, south and west lawyers of the prosecution (masses) argued their case out. They made very sound arguments with some disgracefully resorting to insults. But with the jury being in bed with lawyers of the prosecution, what did you expect?

There was no lawyer in court for the church. The case had to be adjourned. Cometh the hour, cometh the time and cometh the day of judgement. The D-day is here with the church assembling an amazing cast of lawyers. Pastor Brian Amoateng was the lead counsel. His arguments were not strong enough. He gave the prosecution enough reasons to come at the church harder, this time with more insults. Even before the jury announced its verdict, prosecution was already singing “Jama” songs. They knew they had conquered the church, and that was the ruling but the church was giving a suspended sentence with a fine of “a second chance”. The church was grateful to the jury and assured, that she will pay her fine to close this case. There was delirium in court after the judge rose. The pandemonium is one I cannot describe. The masses left the courtroom with Sarkodie’s “Oofeetso” song as their victory anthem. The church had spontaneous menstruation. She was “bleeding” but the masses were “feeling”. What made the church bled even more was the fact that people she helped had joined the masses to fight against her. What was the church going to do other than leave it in the hands of her master, God?

Opportunity, they say comes but once and the church knew that this was a chance of redemption. She knew that she must not miss this penalty of "second chance". It was a time to prove that with God on her side, she can do exceedingly abundantly above all that the prosecution can ever think or imagine. She found a consolation scripture in Phillipians 4:13 and declared it loud to herself, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. As she was contemplating on how to pay this fine, a strong voice sounded from heaven and said, “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard neither has it entered the hearts of men what God has in store for them that love him”. The church was now well equipped with some confidence that definitely she will pay her fine even in double folds because her master who lives in heaven above has spoken.

Today, I can stand here as a key witness for the church and shout, PRAISE THE CHURCH! please respond with a big HALLELUJAH! for me. The church’s attitude in paying her fine has “overed” the judge and the whole jury. They are dumbfounded. The masses themselves are amazed and finding it difficult to utter any word. You are asking how has the church settled the fine right? She has in many folds but let me just mention two instances.

The General Overseer of The Maker’s House Chapel International in Accra, Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye with his team and their Humanitarian Donation Van are providing food, water and some stationary for the homeless. Notable among them has been the head potters who were bounced back to Accra after they tried fleeing to their hometowns in the North on March 30, 2020 (Lockdown day one). Also, Bishop Gideon Titi-Ofei of the Pleasant Place Church has offered a 100-bed facility to the Tema West Municipal Health Directorate to be used as an Isolation Centre within the period of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. This was what you wanted from the church and they have aptly responded to the call. These two acts coupled with that of the Pentecost church, Presbyterian Church of Ghana, The Methodist Church Ghana, I.C.G.C, Action Chapel, Anointed Palace Chapel led by Rev. Obofour and a host of others have been the perfect way of the church saying, "thank you for all the criticisms and insults".

The church is saying there is more to come. She is saying she wants the jury to slap her with another fine because she is going to do more. But this is the church’s message to her detractors. It is in her constitution called the bible, article Ecclesiastes, section 3, clause 1. It reads. “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”. Peace! Shalom!

Help me shout one more time. PRAISE THE CHURCH! - HALLELUJAH!

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