02.04.2020 Poem

Lockdown Sunpetals

By Nana Opea
Lockdown Sunpetals
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When they say
There is storm
And some oil palm trees are Sleeping on their left hands

Then truth kisses the other Cheeks that
The coconuts can't stand like Before
And parade towery chests of Invincibility
When you see
Once innocuous nasal bells
Ring uneasiness in hearts
Then you know
Something is folding up Normality
The Unicorn of London
Turns its horn into trumpet
The urgent heartbeat
Like a motherhen calling
Its chicks under its wings
At the sight of accipitrine
The Eagles of New York
Soar over the clouds
But the saline beads on
Make them come into the locked
As for Italy
And Spain
The Quarantine Uproar
Paints in our lab crucibles
That the Crown Virus
Commands in unprecedented Decibels
The Elephants of Kerela
Form a diamond formation
For a stitch in time
A Queen says saves nine.
The Panda of China
Stands in Arrow Echoes.
Take the lockdown
Therefore in our Motherland
Not as a wicked lock up
To prevent you
From going to town
Take the lockdown
To be extra grateful
For many of Us
Are not locked out
Take the lockdown
To dry the family clothes
In the sunshine
Of togetheness and
Sweet communion
Take the lockdown
As our pledge to
Uphold the Sacrifice
Of our forebears
By first,
Upholding the cadence
Of our own self- preservation
Take the lockdown
To engage the mirror
Say to the mirror on the wall
“Do I look like a full moon
At home”
If the answer is 'yes'
Then you are doing great
If the response is 'no'
Don't drink the dregs
There is always room
For new progress
Take the lockdown
To see the daily howls
That were so familiar
And how they are
Shadows in your lifeworld
Take the lockdown
To further engineer
An inner Eden sphere
Where the tranquil ripples
Cool the hot shores of soles
Where the pristine calmness
Tells on how we till the soul
Take the lockdown
To kick stress out of town
To bring the tensions down
The hypertension down
The tilted osmosis down
The spiky Maslow ladder down
The junk food walls down
See a Tsundoku
Finally taking a book
And Performing
Saccadic engagements
Well done!
Take the lockdown to see the
To Pierce Through
The clouds
With towering
Hands of Hallelujahs
With Outstretched
Hands of Allahu Akbar
—Nana Opea

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