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An Open Letter To Lawyer Yoni Kulendi

An Open Letter To Lawyer Yoni Kulendi
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Dear Uncle,
It has been a long time since we have communicated. The last time we met was at the funeral of my late brother Kanbienaa Yelibangniba. May his soul rest in peace. Even though we greeted, we did not have the luxury of time to have a family conversation.

While I am far away in the village, somewhere in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa, I do read and listen to news about you. I must confess, that it is always worthy news to listen to.

In recent times, when I heard of your appointment to the supreme court, I congratulated you on several radio platforms. You lawyers like asking questions. Do not ask me why I am always on the radio. I do represent a political party, the NDC, my chosen party as the communication officer to discuss issues of national importance particularly about the development of my beloved district. I have also informed the village people, your uncles to be precise, and they celebrated the good news. We must be proud of you because, you are the first son of DBI to have chalked that milestone in the legal fraternity. Well, I have not heard or read about any lawyer from DBI who has made it to this level. You are not only a blessing to us now but a shining example for us the young ones who may also want to read and speak law one day. I put it to you that many young ones from the village see you as the best lawyer in Ghana.

Even as the appointment process continues, we shall continue to pray for you to excel. It is another opportunity to share your wisdom and knowledge in the interest of justice delivery and the interest of Ghana.

Good! Good! Uncle, let me demand a simple thing from you. I nearly forgot of that. Use your influence to see how you can do the needed advocacy for the Chief Justice to at least, make some radical reforms on legal education so that people like me, the village boy from DBI can one day also read law. The current form is rather an impediment and many of us who want to follow your footpath are handicapped.

Uncle Yuoni, let me be succinct here because you may not have enough time to read my eulogy to its conclusion.

Just as you lawyers enjoy quoting relevant provisions from the statutory books, we writers, like to play with words but because of your busy schedules, I need to summarise what I have for you.

Just yesterday, I heard that you made some donations to the good people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa through the Member of Parliament Hon Sebastian Sandaare and the Hon District Chief Executive, Hon Nadi Imoro Sanda. Even though I had no scintilla of doubt about you donating to us, little did I know that it was such a gargantuan donation. Lo and behold, today we received the donation with much joy.

The quantity of the items surprises everyone in the region. The PPEs, the sanitizers, the gun thermometers, the liquid soups, the facemasks and many other logistics that you gave, have placed DBI in a more privileged position to win the war against the deadly pandemic.

Uncle, what amazes all of us is that, you organized a military aircraft to airlift these logistics from Accra to Wa. You have made us so proud and unimaginably impregnated with joy. The reason, today, the flow of my ink is limited.

Eventhough some of the items were given to the Regional Hospital, people from other districts still envy us and wished they had that privilege too. Friends have called me and have directly and indirectly shown their deep admiration for your remarkable act of compassion, love and sensitivity to your people.

I, in my personal capacity as the village boy from DBI, wish to show my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to you for your timely intervention to help the health personnel in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa district deal with the deadly covid-19. The Good Lord which you always believe in, will continue to give you strength to do more.

Uncle, I am using you as a vehicle, to urge other sons and daughters from DBI to help tackle the myriad of development predicaments we have in the district. I am sure you may know some of them. Please talk to them and let them assist. Development is a collective effort.

Uncle, though I know you are the type who do not like such public praises, I have today, defied your interest to publicly commend you. The people in the village would not forgive me should I not eulogise you in this manner. Everybody from DBI is proud of you. We feel proud that we have a distinguished lawyer with envious intellectual sagacity, dexterity and unrepentant desire to see the lives of your people improve. You have demonstrated same in numerous occasions but this particular donation is the immediate reason that invited my pen to paper.

Uncle, as an activist, I am also here putting people on their toes to do what is necessary to bring development. I am sure, it is another way of contributing to the development our promising district. Until we meet again, let me be the Oliver Twist on behalf of our people, we shall need more of your support to anytime the need arises.

My very best regards to my grandchildren.
Let them know that the village boy from DBI has been unmasked, this time, as their real grandfather from Fian who cherish them most.

Stay bless!
Thank you.
Denis Andaban
The village boy from DBI

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