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COVID-19 Museum To Be Built In Goka-Ghana, By WHO And UNESCO

COVID-19 Museum To Be Built In Goka-Ghana, By WHO And UNESCO
LISTEN MAR 31, 2020

As the Republic of Ghana waited anxiously in silence for the next move by their leader in times of crisis, the firmament sent down heavy rains on the roofs of the people of Goka.

Rains that left in its wake heroism in two lovers whose beautiful story built a museum in Ghana to mark adversity. A heavenly blessing that brought Goka back on the international map years after the demise of the renowned prophetess Maame Sarah. The long-forgotten pilgrim's pride and economic hub of the ancient Goka arose from comatose.

The rains were expected though for the planting season, but what their leader would say is prioritised. For, what will be the use of the rains if the ravaging disease they're about to be addressed on kills them before they drink the rainwater or use it to irrigate their crops, not even to talk about bathing or washing?

Why would the now dispirited Ghanaians, Goka in particular, wait anxiously for the late-night broadcast by their president?

It's about a novel coronavirus, COVID-19, the experts called it. It's very infectious, and lethal. Born in China with patient zero traced to Wuhan, it has overwhelmed the world with reported cases of casualties in almost every country in the world.

The experts say the best medicine known now is social distancing, self-isolation. No more congregating, or living the old custom of handshaking.

Churches, pubs, schools, colleges, offices, game centers, and airports are closed. Everybody is to stay at home. A novel coronavirus in a novel world war on its own, history will mark that. The military are called in, not to kill with a gun, but to use drugs and syringes on the victims of the enemy - COVID-19. The armed men in uniforms are seen in the streets, but not to use their ammunition to shoot at the enemy, but to guard and guide civilians on how to live under a lockdown, stay at home, or exercising a social distance.

It was later reported some military men abused their powers in Ghana enforcing lockdown rules.

A burden on all economic activities. The faithful no more come to Goka to pray on the tomb of Maame Sarah. The testimonies that kept on bringing in the pilgrims ceased at the gates of this religious ground. Those who prayed recently and were answered to receive their sights untied their dumb tongues, got back their lost hearing, changed their derogatory names of barren to the mother of twins, youthful energy injected into their weak limbs; couldn't cross the barricades of the town to tell others their happy stories.

Those with existing ailments are waiting at the gates to be received at the sacred tomb.

To go or to come hinges on the late night broadcast of the president of the Republic.

If infected by the virus, the difference between you and death is having a ventilator, medical equipment far-reaching to the coffers of the majority of the Ghanaian populace. It'll take at least a year and half to manufacture a vaccine for the global pandemic too, hence the people are justified to fear the COVID-19.

Ghana, the Republic under which Goka finds itself had recorded over hundred positive cases with four deaths by the 27th day of March, 2020.

The people waited for their leader, glued to their Television sets, radios and any other gadgets that will let them learn of their leader's directives. The leader, Addo Dankwa he's called, will address the Nation by 11:00pm, so it was announced.

Will it be partial or total lockdown imposed on the people as witnessed in other coronavirus ravaged countries like Italy, Spain and the United States of America. Time will tell.

It didn't take long, at the same time, as the people anxiously waited, the rains comes down torrentially. A lover through the power of social media beckoned her Lord for a tryst, meeting in the name of love, at a popular spot in the residency of the female lover.

At such spot, a serene place with a pleasant flowery smell, is frequented by these heroic lovers.

As if his clothes were waterproof, the Lord braved the heavy downpour, and in a flash, he was at the residence of his lover, Patience, her name.

Patience wondered why her Lord was not wet after walking a three minutes distance to her side. He answered: the chariot of love that chauffeured me covered me with an umbrella.

A paragon of beauty. Patience is on the same chapter with Sarah, written about in the novel: Sarah City The City Of Light. Lady Linda, seen in the love story: Oweataa The Power Of The Voice. Maamecee, in Maamecee Turned My Night Into Day. Princess Diana, the beautiful estranged deceased spouse of Prince Charles of Britain. And Cleopatra, the Egyptian princess who used her beauty to charm and married two Roman soldiers: Caesar and Mark Anthony respectively.

Yes, when you're describing her, Patience's beauty, to those who do not know her, you need the portraits of the all-time beauty Queens listed above there.

From her very hair to the toenail, Patience is unblemished. A bulging eye, pointed nose, as white as snow teeth that add shine to her natural unbleached shining black skin. A pearsize breasts that raises appetite as the pear fruit does. A welcoming hospitable smiling standing in a doting maiden, and this lovely wobbling buttock of hers. Patience is everyman's dream lady.

In fact, Patience deserves the Lord, as Ritz Fathia was to Kwame Nkrumah. As also do the proverbial "every bowl comes with its cover".

Though the Goka people do not add personal beauty to description of their noblemen, but with the Lord, you can't mention his name and fail to add his excellent looks. As his wisdom spreads his fame, so do the female gender, from the young to the old, praise his excellent handsome looks.

Like the bright morning star, when he gets to the town's square, something he'll do occasionally, women and men alike turn to look at him again and again.

There has been reported confessions from some women that, the Lord is charming, and you fall for him at the very first encounter.

That too has given him many enemies in men who lose the company of their women when they meet the Lord or when his name is mentioned in a conversation.

There are times young maidens engage in a fierce battle with false claims that they're dating the Lord. Some have not even reached the consent age of sixteen, but the Lord they say, rouse in them the passion of love. The day he'll go outside for a walk, the maidens proud of their beauty accosts him, if he responds to their seductive gestures, that day is celebrated as their happiest. They announce so to their friends. Those friends prepare for the day they'll have their chance to have an encounter with the Lord.

So therefore, it's a perfect match we describe here. The Lord deserves Patience and vice versa.

This night under discussion, as people wait in fear of the unknown, Patience and the Lord were not perturbed. They met to live a happy life of two lovely birds. Touching and fondling with beautiful words said to complement each other's beauty.

Patients will say: it gnaws my liver when in your company the ladies turn to see you. The Lord answers: are you losing your self courage, or some fiendish friends are lightgasing you to think you're not the beautiful Patience I love you for?

Patience will once again smile, showing to his lover these teeth that glows in the dark environment.

Such lovely banters is a cause for good night spent by these inseparable lovers.

It didn't take long, as the Lord, a troubadour, a storyteller, narrated one of his lovely tales to his damsel, a shrill deafening noise engulfed the whole neighborhood. The lights went off. Sounds of crocking guns was heard in the air, and people ran to seek cover. Though the Lord, known to be fearless and brave, moved not an inch by the approaching evil omen. The fear he battled within was the fear for his lover's life and that of her household. Can his strength cover and save them in the face of this new war? He questioned himself.

The two stayed unmoved, Patience giving assurance to the Lord of her fearlessness. It didn't take long, the approaching fear was unraveled. Armed men coming under the cover of darkness to do evil. To steal, rape and kill.

It was later known they were not natives of Goka, but had come from a far away land in Alata, brought in by Alex, a plotting envious cousin of the Lord.

This Alex, an ugly looking Alex without nobility and brains, wish the Lord dead. He says to friends that: the existence of the Lord is the woe for him not winning the hearts of the ladies, safe the female labourers brought in from Esrem to do janitorial works for the Goka people.

Truly speaking, Alex looks like the orangutan we see in children playbooks. That alone actually should not deny him beautiful Goka maidens, but his bad smell. He hardly bath. If he's forced to do it, it'll be once in a week. In all that, no chewing stick or toothbrush touches the teeth. No one faces him directly when he talks. The pungent smell from the mouth is toxifying.

One time a lady ridiculing him, went to his room playing a lover. She came out to say: "Alex is a half-human, far base than ape."

Adding that, when Alex sleeps, he doesn't only leave his mouth open with saliva streaming out, but he also gnashes his teeth as two metals are scratched together.

Wishing he was the Lord, so praised by all tongues, he's tried many means to take away his life, but none succeeds. This was his last bet. And he'd sworn with his blood to go home with a happy report. He actually reports to his partners in the evil deeds. His mother and his paternal auntie, called Rose.

Rose is a dissembling woman with an evil eye. Left with her, no one in the family succeeds in life. She cooks and spread damaging rumours about people only to earn them disaffection, disrespect, dejection and miserable. The biggest victim is the Lord's father, though to the without brains Alex, she's already damaged. When the wise Lord learnt of her devilish doings and revealed them to his father, she joined, after raising highly the envy in Alex, to come after the Lord fiercely.

Since Alex denounced books and and praised machete, he hardly learn of it how his auntie has manipulated him to do all her dirty works. He even washes her panties, something that men don't do in the Goka custom.

Rose has fiercely kept Alex, nothing takes him from her. The freebies she throw to him is enough to keep him her slave.

If the Lord is not stopped educating the Goka people about the devilish nature of Auntie Rose, it'll be the peril of her darkness empire, as the ending of this story will reveal.

From the alter of that darkness empire, they've sent serpents to the Lord's room many times, the Lord kills and burn the snakes to the angst of the plotters.

They've sent murderers to lay siege to the Lord on his way to the desert where he meditate and write, but these murderers never did harm to the Lord. They report they don't see him approach, or he's seen with battalions when he passes by, and they can't, but run for their lives.

"As people would not come out, not because of the fear of the guns, but the infectious coronavirus disease, no one will come to his rescue this time. He's cornered and unarmed, he'll be defeated today". They thought of the Lord.

"Even, if he's not killed, his lover would be molested and raped in front of him at least. That in itself is part of the killing." Rose, the queen of the dark empire said amidst smirking with an air of accomplishment.

As the gunmen with the only aim of stealing the Lord's happiness entered Patience's residence, they commanded everyone to lie down, amidst unleashing rounds of ammunition in the air.

Grown with wisdom, the Lord had a plan with his lover Patience. He would fake a cough, and Patience should cry out: "oh, God, grandpa is coughing again, we're all going to catch the coronavirus. If it's you who answers our prayer, we're far from the reach of the physicians, heal grandpa and boost our immune system so we're not infected also."

Immediately the robbers heard the threatening name "Coronavirus", they got rooted to where they stood. " Coronavirus"?. They asked in unison.

Knowing how their lives is in danger, they started retreating, running to seek cover from the disease, leaving behind their deadly weapons. The floods are drowning Kramo, you're asking about his hat.

COVID-19 is enough to let man run away naked when its ugly head is reared.

Patience's residence was very close to the main road. The one that links Jankufa and Asuokor. And at that very ungodly time, Ntensere, that joker taxi driver who is controlled by his wife was rushing home on the orders of his wife who will give him beatings if he reaches there later than ordered.

As the robbers stepped foot in the road, Ntensere ran his car into them. It was only Alex, the devilish ringleader of the gunmen, who survived with broken limbs. Unmasking him, he confessed his sins as the witches do on the shrine.

The sound of the car crushing them brought the police officers to the accident scene. That stoutly built police investigator called Cobra, led the officers there. He immediately recognised Alex. Cobra asked if he was not the very Alex who not long ago came to his office to malign the Lord and plotted for his arrest and disgrace?

And that, if it hadn't been for the Lord's insight into the Republic's laws he would have been behind bars by now?

Judging by his injuries, coupled with the coronavirus that needs social distancing, Cobra didn't take Alex to the police cells. He was left to himself with the wounds. His mother and the Auntie Rose came to carry him home for home treatment.

The dead, the police took to mortuary for autopsy as investigations continued.

Ntensere was invited by the police to give a statement. This time, irrespective of his detested doings in the town, all the Goka people came behind Ntensere, and vowed to be there for him when called at the court, something they're least expecting, seeing his justifiable murdering that night.

Everybody in Goka came to learn of the evil ways of Auntie Rose, Alex, his mother and the darkness empire. They were the first people to be made pariahs in Goka. They were excommunicated, ostracised, by the entire people who have now come to love the Lord more due to the happenings of that night.

For their punishment, the masters of the darkness empire, they were forced to see the Lord and Patience smiling, hugging and kissing, and narrating to the onlookers how they scared the gunmen away with a fake cough and panic mongering.

Now, Alex lives in Goka limping and lonely. Auntie Rose is carrying her belly before her as pregnant women do. Some even say it that she's carrying the deadly Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

That of Alex's mother, she's now divorced, and she's lost her sanity, walking the streets naked. The darkness empire is no more. Goka returns to the old sacred land it's famed for.

The Lord is now consorted by young and old in all affairs - spanning religion, politics, entertainment and everyday life. Those who seek knowledge pilgrim to his home. He's a consummate lover too.

Patience is made an ambassador to carry the tutorials of the Lord to the public on how to protect themselves against COVID-19.

She promotes the Ghanaian cocoa rich in theobromine as an immune booster against Coronavirus.

With dandelion, orange, mango, pineapple, lime, lemon and pawpaw, Patience lists as foods common in Ghana with their PH indicators higher than that of the COVID-19 which ranges from 5.5 to 8.5. Adding that: if you use the protective personal equipments (PPEs), and drink more water, coupled with the rich in vitamins foods, you're safe.

That night, at long last, after the reported incidents, Addo Dankwa addressed the nation. Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi were put under partial lockdown. Goka was exempted. The Lord will not need to rush seeing his lover. They can meet any day anytime. The only ones who feels uncomfortable seeing them are the now paralysed Alex and his dark hosts.

The disease kept on infecting and killing people. Since it easily infects dirty people, Auntie Rose, Alex and the insane mother are likely to be given deserving riddance by the virus.

Their corpses would be cremated, or plainly put, burnt to ashes. Something the Goka people see as could only be done to the evil people in their midst.

As part of his social responsibility, the Lord fetes people on preventive measures diets, to stay away from infections of the disease. He adds eating of vitamins-laced-foods in fruits and vegetables - orange, mango, pawpaw, dandelion, amongst the menus he presents to people if they want to stay safe against COVID-19.

He distributes also food supplements in Citro-C and Fricks Lozenges to they who can't afford getting the natural products.

As a believer, he does not only call on his devotees to pray to an all Powerful God, but he mentions hand sanitisers, surgical masks, and regular handwashing as scientific approaches to battling the novel virus.

To know the Lord, he's the one history will celebrate as leading a One Ghana Movement to rescue and rebuild Ghana to a deserving Paradise status, a pilgrim's pride in the 21st Century.

The iconic story of Patience and her Lord received a wider Media coverage. It reached every corner of the world. It was read by all world leaders. Donald Trump, the President of America read it, and he wished Patience was his lover. Angela Merkel of Germany read it, and the Lord became her crush.

In the Buckingham palace, the House of Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II and her son, Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne were read to the story about the Lord and his Patience as they lived in self-isolation after the royals were diagnosed positive of the COVID-19.

As the media covered the story, on BBC, CNN, VOA, DW, France24, and GBC; the World Health Organisation (WHO) had a meeting with the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) via video conferencing. The agenda was to discuss a proposal sent from the government of Ghana to build a COVID-19 Museum in Goka to immortalise the names of the Lord and Patience.

The Museum will keep artefacts about COVID-19. It'll also have there documentaries about the emergence of the disease. Who got infected, died, or survived.

Songs composed by individuals to create awareness too would feature in the Museum.

There's a particular song composed by a wizkid Daniella on the TV3 Talented Kids Show. All Ghanaians agree it should be played everyday in the COVID-19 Museum.

Portraits of prominent world figures who either died or got infected and survived would place there as a reminder to how a common disease outbreak could take the world by surprise, and would have no respect for the big or small, the rich or poor, the have or have-not.

That of the premier of Britain, Boris Johnson, tested positive for the disease, would be hanged in the Museum.

Manu Dibango, the musician who succumbed to the disease would have his picture there, and his voice hoax to advise museum-goers.

Dr. Adnahom Tedros Ghabreyesus, the head of WHO, an Ethiopian, was much convinced of this proposal.

Adding the Museum would also serve as a centre of learning for disease outbreaks.

He, therefore, influenced UNESCO to join hands with the WHO to raise funds for the building of the Museum.

It'll be in Goka, an inland of Ghana.
Now, after the building, which is expected not later than 2022, Goka will not only welcome pilgrims who only enter for religious activities, but also tourists who will frequent the Museum and see busts of the Lord and his lover Patience, beautifully erected in front of this internationally commemorative edifice.

Nothing can douse the flames of love.
Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111
Email: [email protected]

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