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31.03.2020 Opinion

This One Too Shall Pass

By Avaala Philemon N
This One Too Shall Pass
LISTEN MAR 31, 2020

Since this Corona pandemic manged to include Ghana into its sample size and frame, the mantra that keeps running across most speeches and comments is “This one too shall pass”. This phrase though very short, carries a lot of weight. It seeks to suggest that this plague that has bedevilled us is just one of those things and that it’s just a matter of time, our dust will settle. Today as I heard our minister of information reiterate this phrase, I felt it should remain on our lips as an anti-depressant i.e. a phrase that will be used to calm us down each time the storms of life hit us very hard. I can’t imagine the number of lives that could have been saved if people who committed suicide in the past had this phrase as part of their lexicon. When next you go through challenges, trials, difficult times, just remember to say to yourself “This one too shall pass”.

Are you battling a broken heart? This one too shall pass

Are you unemployed? This one too shall pass

Are you sick? This one too shall pass

Are you unemployed? This one too shall pass

Are you single and searching? This one too shall pass.

As you say it with conviction to yourself, you will receive a special grace and strength to keep moving!

As you read this piece, I know for a fact that “This one too shall pass

Avaala Philemon Ndoliyine


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