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31.03.2020 Feature Article

With whom or what can I compare the behaviour of the NDC over the intended use of the heritage fund to fight the coronavirus?

With whom or what can I compare the behaviour of the NDC over the intended use of the heritage fund to fight the coronavirus?
LISTEN MAR 31, 2020

I don’t often mean to insult the NDC as a party and a group of persons but their constant display of “do or die” quest to rule Ghana or come to power hence always sabotaging credible policies and programmes to move Ghana forward as a nation desirous of developing, makes me angry at them.

Ghana, like any other country in the world, is seriously in trouble, faced with mass extermination by the ongoing spread of the deadly novel coronavirus (Covid-19). Many countries have their research medical doctors and scientists tirelessly working around the clock to find a vaccine to control the spread of the disease if not to treat or cure it. However, in Ghana, our politicians, especially the parliamentarians, are doing their usual low-thinking but completely malicious politicking with any attempts by the government to stem the spread of the disease let alone, finding a cure for it.

The Finance Minister decides falling on the Ghana “Heritage Fund” to borrow or take some money to help fight the lethal Covid-19 which has come to proven the vulnerability of humanity in the face of extinction from the surface of the earth.

The NDC are kicking against it saying, the “Heritage Fund” is specially created for the future or the next generation so it must never under any circumstances be touched by the Finance Minister or the present generation. This is where I find the NDC, especially those of them furiously kicking against its use to combat the fatal Covid-19, as a bunch of mischievous nincompoops.

Therefore, with whom can I compare the stupidity of the NDC? Can I compare them with a man who was relaxing in a beautiful public garden on one sunny afternoon on a bench? He had a solid stick lying on the ground beside the bench. He saw a huge dog, running towards his direction with its teeth bared and barking. The dog was indeed dangerous and up to inflicting harm on the man. The man quickly sat up, then stood and started hesitating using the stick to fend off the dog or not. He said in his mind, the stick is very beautiful so I don’t have to use it or else, it breaks. The stick is not mine therefore I should not use it or else the owner when he finds out will accuse me of using his/her stick. He finally decided not to use the stick. He was attacked and killed by the dog!

If you were the man, Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Reader, what would you do with the stick? Would you wait for the dog to come and attack you or kill you, knowing that it was the intention of the dog reading from its actions and eyes?

This is the behaviour of the NDC in the face of Ghana confronted with Covid-19 and the nation’s quest to use part of the “Heritage Fund” to fight the disease. They are saying the money must not be touched because it has been put aside for the next generation. Following the NDC agitation against the use of the fund, I have a few questions for them to answer me.

1. Who created the “Heritage Fund”, when, how and from what?

2. When does the next or future generation for whom the “Heritage Fund” was created start?

3. How can the next generation start if the present generation is wiped off by a deadly disease as the current Covid-19 is capable of doing?

4. Will the fund serve any purpose if the current generation dies without being able to live to raise the next generation?

5. The bible says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and everything shall be added unto you”. Transposing this, don’t we first have to seek the survival of the present generation in the face of a global deadly disease before we think about the welfare of the yet unborn?

I don’t have to continue asking the NDC and all those reasoning like them any further questions as the few asked are more than enough to prove how little-minded they are. They want to behave like the man and the dog story where the man waited for the dog to kill him without using the stick because he thought the stick was beautiful, the stick was not his, therefore he should not use it to save his own life from attack by the dog.

In the midst of their madness, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has come up with suggestions worthy of consideration. However, the “Heritage Fund” must still be fallen on to save the current generation if the money to be acquired from his suggestions if implemented, is not enough to help Ghana fight the disease staring us in the face and making the whole world agog at the disease.

I would have simply preferred to quote the web link but if it was not activated for a reason or the other, many will not know the credible suggestions made by Ablakwa amid the exhibition of the NDC madness for their own mischievous agenda and aspirations, hence reproducing his suggestions in verbatim below.

1) 50% pay cut for all political office holders.

2) Reduce by 60% the number of Ministers and Presidential Staffers.

3) Close and realign many of the Ministries which would become redundant after the ministerial downsizing.

4) Lay off all Personal/Special Assistants to Ministers and Presidential Staffers.

5) Suspend all ex-gratia payments.

6) Interim closure of at least 50% of our diplomatic missions abroad and recall staff to Accra.

7) Cancel contracts of all consultants in the public sector.

8) Put a freeze on all prestige projects which can wait including the national cathedral, marine drive project, new passport office and the regional coordinating council offices for the six new regions.

9) Suspend the phenomenon of free fuel for the category of public servants who benefit.

10) Repeal all tax waivers granted in recent years for non-essential services and commodities with the view to abolishing the practice moving forward.


The safety of the present generation must be secured before we can intelligently seek the welfare of the yet unborn. If we die, by the rate of the lethalness of novel coronavirus, how would we live to give birth to that future generation for whom the fund has been created? We need to wise up and stop our stupid politicking in Ghana for all malicious reasons and quest for power only to come to deplete the nation’s coffers by our corrupt politicians lacking farsightedness.

The Covid-19 has come to threaten the existence of humanity, especially, the less-thinking Africans!

Rockson Adofo

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

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