Coronavirus Lockdown: High Level Of Compliance Observed At Kasoa

General News Coronavirus Lockdown: High Level Of Compliance Observed At Kasoa
MAR 31, 2020 LISTEN

Kasoa and its environs is as silent as a ghost town amid a partial lockdown directive by President Akufo Addo in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

According to the directive, constituents are permitted to access essential services in a two week period of the partial lockdown.

The President announced the partial lockdown last Friday to prevent and contain coronavirus spread across the country. The Greater Accra, Greater Kumasi and Awutu Senya East Constituency are areas affected by the lockdown and include some 40 municipal and districts.

It’s day two, and in Kasoa and its environs, the silence gripped the surroundings as rendered it a typical ghost town. An estimation of about 90% of its constituents have stayed off the streets following the announcement.

Areas between Kasoa and Ofaakor, Kasoa CP, and Opeikuma are in a total lockdown with some essential services closed to business. Businesses such as food vendors, mobile money operators and traders classified as essential services are not in operation.

At Opeikuma, some food joints operating denied customers from eating at the confined space of the food joint although they appealed to be granted access.

Although about 16 persons were apprehended on Monday by the security forces, the constituency is observing a high level of compliance with the President’s directive.

Commercial drivers are operating with a reduced number pointing to full compliance of an agreement reached by the Ministry of Transport and Transport Operators.

The municipality is one of the fastest-growing communities in West Africa with a population of over 150,000 and has been identified as one of the hotbed by government in the spread of coronavirus.

Due to this, the municipality has been included to areas of recorded cases.

The country has recorded no new infections in the last 24 hours after it increased to 152 from 141, according to figures from the Ghana Health Service website. A total of 5 persons have dead since the outbreak, with 145 responding to treatment at the various quarantine centers across the country and 2 recovered.

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