31.03.2020 Opinion

Before You Joke With COVID-19

By Clement Adjei Sarfo || Director Of The Youth Empowerment Summit
Before You Joke With COVID-19
LISTEN MAR 31, 2020

1. Remember that no one is immuned to COVID-19.

2. Remember not every victim survives COVID-19.

3. Remember COVID-19 spreads quickly but heals very very very slowly.

4. Remember we have an ailing health system.

5. Remember that the "no bed" syndrome still persists.

6. Remember that your infection is a great threat to your family, community and country.

7. Remember your infection means self isolation or compulsory quarantine.

8. Remember that if you should you die your family can't even bury you.

9. Remember COVID-19 is a highly avoidable disease/death.

10. Remember you can be a barrier or a bridge to COVID-19.

11. Remember the emotional and psychological trauma you'll go through if infected.

12. Remember the threat you'll pose to health personnel.

COVID-19 is deadly, infectious but also highly preventable!!!

(The CRUSADER, Clement ADJEI SARFO) 30-03.2020

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