30.03.2020 General News

Broadcast Only COVID-19 Educational Materials And Videos Approved By Ghana Health Service -TV And Radio Stations Advised

Dr Da Costa Aboagye
LISTEN MAR 30, 2020
Dr Da Costa Aboagye

The Director of Health Promotion at the Ghana Health Service, Dr Da Costa Aboagye has advised Television and Radio stations to stop advertising COVID-19 EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS AND VIDEOS that have NOT approved by the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service.

Speaking to reporters after a press conference organised by the Ministry of Information, Dr Aboagye said unapproved materials and videos are sources of misinformation to the public and pose a serious threat to the fight against Covid-19.

According to Dr Aboagye, only COVID -19 public education materials and videos approved by the Ghana Health Service, should be circulated and used on social media platforms, television and radio stations for public consumption. This is to help avoid misinformation, panic and fear among Ghanaians. We are working with the Bureau of National Communications, the National Communication Authority, Ministry of Communication, Food and Drugs Authority and Security Agencies to enforce this.

Training has been offered to most media houses on Risk communication and using approved materials has been stressed repeatedly. Information management and public education are crucial to the fight against COVID – 19.

The Ghana Health Service has come up with a lot of educational materials and messages to inform the general public.

All these educational materials have been made available to the ministry of information. Please contact the Ghana Health Service, Health Promotion Division or the Ministry of Information for these educational materials and videos to broadcast on your various outlets.

We are insensitive times and therefore encourage the television and radio stations to follow our advocacy of partnership as we defeat the coronavirus together, he stressed.



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