29.03.2020 Opinion

The Known Unknown Mrs. Corona

By David K. Xefu
The Known Unknown Mrs. Corona
LISTEN MAR 29, 2020

Kliya kliya kliya!

Here comes the known unknown!

Extending her frozen dirty beauty hands.

Hmm! Is this one of the jokes or reality?

Thinking it was one of the political gimmicks

Here we have in our midst the known unknown

Is she here to test our abilities?

Or to measure how knowledgeable we are?

Is she the thief or the eldest of it?

Even the coming of the thief is sometimes suspected!

That is why we always have our doors locked.

Then what could she be?

You made even the most powerful countries little.

Like a chick beaten by a storm of rain!

Eii! Is this what 'aklama' has for us?

Hmm! Shall we continue to exist?

You appeared at a good bad time for Ghana;

Where most of my children are dependants.

I am just at my crawling stage of life;

So, why come in to destruct like this?

You really appeared to school us!

I now know that there is no big nor small,

Neither do we have poor nor rich.

Indeed, there is no need to discriminate again!

Where are the world professors?

Where are the world best scientists?

Where are the world best medics?

Where are the world best researchers?

Come to think of the questions from my children;

Where are the prophets who always awaken the dead ?

Where are the Mallams?

Where are the Oracles, priests and the magicians?

Is it that there's no God?

Is the most question of the thin faithed.

But I tell them 'fear not, for he is with us.'

Indeed, God does his things at his time beautifully!

Mrs. Corona, why have you shutdown the world in a twinkle of an eye?

You have taken the lives of many!

And a lot are in fear, pain and critical condition.

Why this treatment? Again I ask Mrs Corona, why?

For now, I ask my children, do this!

Stay home, no movement anyhow!

Wash your hands under running water with soap.

Use Sanitizers to sanitize your hands.

Sneeze or cough in your elbows or a tissue.

If critically you have to move out, keep not less than a metre distance from the next person

All these above would help prevent us from getting this deadly known unknown Mrs. Corona.

To be continued....

Written by

David K. Xefu

[email protected]

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