29.03.2020 Feature Article

Understanding Love In These Days Of Uncertainties

Understanding Love In These Days Of Uncertainties
29.03.2020 LISTEN

These times of uncertainties are frustrating and devastating and many people are impatient to be who they really should be. Given this impression, this is the time to note that love is important in our day-to-day activities. We have to understand that a heart that is full of love sees life even on the difficult road of fears. With this mindset, the person begins to respect him or herself and everything around his or her vicinity with love.

But many do not know that love never tires even when our plans get to the bricks wall. Many do not understand what love is. No matter the many books and poems we have read about love, many still are aloof to the comprehension of the meaning of love. Although, this has been a puzzle to the world since time immemorial.

The feelings we have in relationships might not be the meaning of love or the interpretations given about love by intelligentsias. Love is beyond the reciprocated feeling between siblings, parents and their children, Facebook friends and whatnot. We still love our homes, books, professions etcetera, after all. In each of the love, we can attest to the similarity in their characteristics.

In every love we have, there is a warm heart towards that which we love. For instance, I have had experiences where I had inner joy by hearing the voices of certain persons on phone, being around them, and sharing views here and there on social media or even seeing their pictures. This is where a feeling of the heart should never be gambled with mundane gains. This is love: A shared feeling never expected to be reciprocal. This feeling is innate, disturbing and can endure harsh behaviours for the sake of love.

Conversely, you might experience a sense of peace or completeness when you encounter those you love but on their own, they might not have such a feeling of the heart as you do. Against this backdrop, a heart that has a feeling of love is not caged by creed, religion, marital status, and the other.

The heart of every man and woman develops. This is the reason we develop love beyond our enclave, extending it to our community and country. This is universal love: When a heart goes beyond loving just our immediate family members, spouses, boy and girlfriends.

However, it is not easy to have a feeling in your heart about those you love if you do not bear the light of divine love in you, if you do not bear a spiritual urge for humanity at large. It is time we rejuvenated a heart full of love. Let’s always bear an invariable tow, which magnetically pulls a child, not to forget his or her parents.

Odimegwu Onwumere writes from Rivers state via [email protected]