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Fight Against COVID 19: Mpohor Health Directorate Shows Commitment

By Bala Ali
Fight Against COVID 19: Mpohor Health Directorate Shows Commitment
LISTEN MAR 29, 2020

Through the commitment of the Mpohor District Health Directorate, the Mpohor Public Health Emergency Committee (PHEC) has chalked great success in the fight against COVID 19, referencing public sensitisation.

Under the leadership of the Mpohor District Health Director, Madam Wilhelmina Duah, the Mpohor Public Health Emergency Committee came out with a number of strategies to sensitise the public on how to protect themselves against the Coronavirus.

Through door to door, store to store and market places sensitisation, the health workers in the Mpohor District have covered the nook and cranny of the district as far as sensitisation is concerned.

Under the guidance of Mr. Nenyi Ghartey, a disease control officer, sound education on preventive measures have also been carried out on Unity FM, a community base radio station in Mpohor and other places like Adum Bansu. The response of the people through the phone in session of the sensitisation programme on the radio stations shows that the media sensitisation is yielding good results. The kind of questions the listeners usually ask show that they really pay attention to the preventive measures communicated.

Living up to her belief that "everyone is at risk," Madam Wilhelmina's team has ensured that the remote areas are also covered. Interestingly, these health workers go the extra mile with education in remote areas. Before the rural folks are taught the preventive measures, they are usually calmed down with the message of the fact that the Coronavirus can be vanquished by the precautionary measures if only they would go by them. A platform is also created for its audience to ask questions for clarification. Through this, the health workers are able to clear the myth surrounding the pandemic.

Though all the 55 communities in the Mpohor District have been covered by the Mpohor District Public Health Emergency Committee, the health workers still do follow up in the remote areas. This is done to ascertain how the people are responding to the preventive measures as well as pick useful information on happenings that can cause community outbreak.

Thankfully, the Church of Pentecost has resourced the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to argument the work of the entire team. This has made it possible for the NCCE to comb through the communities again to remind the people of the preventive measures. An official of the NCCE, Mr.Festus Owusu Gyimah, seized this opportunity to educate the communities on how to handle issues of possible relatives who may return from the locked-down places.

Bala Ali

Mpohor District Information Officer







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