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29.03.2020 Feature Article

NDC Advised not to Dwell on the Hope of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Helping Them to Win Election 2020

NDC Advised not to Dwell on the Hope of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Helping Them to Win Election 2020
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What is so scary about the compilation of a new voter register, thus a new electoral roll, through the registration of the entire eligible Ghanaian electorate for election 2020 and thereafter? Why are the NDC so vehemently against the intended afresh registration of Ghanaian electorate that they hope to use Covid-19 pandemic as a trump card to scupper the Electoral Commissions’ (EC) resolute determination to compile a new credible voter register for the nation?

What is a trump card? By the dictionary definition, it is “a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage”

I have in my previous publications made my views known about why I support the EC compiling a new electoral roll so I am not going to repeat myself on those reasons in this particular publication.

Let the NDC understand that the lethal novel coronavirus (Covid-19) that they prayerfully desire to come to stay so that the EC cannot compile a new voter register will soon become history. It will be like the morning dew that dissipates with the rising Sun. As everything has a beginning and the end, so shall it be with Covid-19. It will never come to stay forever; its spread will be contained and finally exterminated, God willing and with medical research scientists working assiduously around the clock. Therefore, the genuine quest by the EC shall come to fruition, and a new voter register will surely by the grace of God Almighty be ready to be used for election 2020.

The reasons so far adduced by the NDC for stopping the compilation of a new credible voter register sound comparatively unintelligible in my ears. They talk about timelines, cost and the new register triggering political or civil war in Ghana. As said, my counter reasons are already made known in my previous publications hence needless to reproduce them in this write-up. Whoever wants to know them should revisit my previous online publications on the EC compiling a new register and why the NDC are scared shitless.

Please, discerning Ghanaians, do judge the NDC on their reasons for devilishly agitating for the abolition of the plans to compile a new credible voter register to the extent of some of them wishing that Covid-19 never departs from Ghana.

Have the NDC forgotten the Akan adage, “Wo to aduro b3ne a ebi ka wano?” It could mean in English, “He who casts evil spell risks becoming a victim of it” or “He who draws the sword dies by the sword”. If they wish Covid-19 to stay with the aim of compelling the EC to abort the new registration of the Ghanaian electorate, the Covid-19 could continue to have the entire election 2020 postponed until the disease is completely exterminated from Ghana. When the election does get deferred, the sitting president will continue to rule!

The NDC are devils to wish upon Ghana the dominance of Covid-19 because of their “do or die” quest to get elected in election 2020. If they can’t get elected, then NPP should not, and all Ghanaians can die; they don’t give a hoot. What a typical Ghanaian evil-mindedness in open exhibition by the NDC.

Ghanaians, please let us unite to fight the disease which has come to affect many in the world in such a bad manner as to culminate in the deaths of many, to result in the self-isolation and/or quarantine of some with millions others on entire nation lockdown and suffering from high prices of essential goods and their scarcity.

God willing, I shall come back hard on NDC for displaying this evil mentality all for their selfish desire to come to power for their leaders to come and steal the nation’s money and assets.

Rockson Adofo
Saturday, 28 March 2020

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