29.03.2020 Feature Article

Dear President Akufo-Addo: Why Not A Total Lockdown Of The Entire Nation To Stop A Possible Nationwide Spread Of The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Dear President Akufo-Addo: Why Not A Total Lockdown Of The Entire Nation To Stop A Possible Nationwide Spread Of The Coronavirus Pandemic?
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In the recent four weeks past, Ghana has been struck with a deadly novel Coronavirus. This incident is not only new to Ghana but the entire world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared this deadly Coronavirus as a pandemic.

The devastative social, religious, economic, cultural and political effects of COVID-19 are evidenced for all to see, even the blind.

World leaders, even the mightiest of them including Russia's, America's, Italy's, China's, Japan's and others have come under very intense pressure from their citizens, own selves and the virus itself. The boldly sincere amongst these leaders and the scientific researchers have defeated shame to confess to their fellow citizens that the battle is of the Lord's and not within their human capacity. They have however not left the battle unfought.

Over the few weeks of the indiscriminate entry of this virus into the shores of Ghana, the President of the republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has exhibited and continues to exhibit extraordinary leadership on the fight against COVID-19. His reward surely awaits him in the upcoming general election to be held this December, 2020, all other factors becoming normal.

However, his fight, aided by his able cabinet, party, health agencies, scientific medicinal researchers and other organizations could come to nothingness following his order for a lockdown of some parts of Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi Metropolis and other places suspected to have cases of the infectious Coronavirus.

Vestige examples of the lockdown of selected cities in countries like Italy, USA and India and the repercussions these 'half baked' lockdown mechanisms brought onto these countries are far overwhelming. Ghana has repeated this error, what could be described as an error of an era.

In the next week, Ghana shall begin to reap the fruits of this half baked lockdown, a harvest regrettable but a product of an error committed in an era of no alternative choice, defended by genuine economic hardship of the 'ordinary Ghanaian citizen' and nursed by generational wickedness and political "wagadre". If the foundation is destroyed, what shall the righteous do?

The Accra to northern Ghana transport stations are choked. Kumasi to the northern regions transport stations are equally piled with people whilst others join queue to get their tickets to other parts of the country other than Kumasi and Accra.

All are fleeing to parts of the country which are not affected by this half baked lockdown. The question arises: What is the COVID-19 status of these people fleeing Kumasi and Accra to other parts of the country? But then, at the various stations, what has happened to the social distancing instructions or precaution recommended by our disease control experts? Any dangers or do we say all is well?

Like China, Italy, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and others, the real Coronavirus pandemic is yet to hit Ghana. The only way we can halt the nationwide spread is to halt any form of intercity movement now or never. Most definitely, the eve of Monday, 30th March will be too late to control the nationwide hit of this pandemic.

So, Mr. President, why not a total lockdown of the entire nation with immediate effect for same fourteen days, leaving us with only the exceptions communicated earlier including going out to get essential items such as food, water, medicine, undertake banking transactions, or to use public toilet facilities?

God bless my homeland Ghana and make us stronger and healthier than ever.

Reindolf Amankwa

Member, CTI-Middle Belt

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