28.03.2020 Poem

The Busia 2020 Invitational: Life BEYOND Coronavirus (COVID 19)

By Nana Afua Frema Busia
Nana Afua Frema BusiaNana Afua Frema Busia
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TODAY:Is the future that yesterday lived in expectation of;

The promise and the hope now arrived at, without the achievement that was in anticipation thereof

Yesterday is a bygone yawn that was today in the past that just went by

Today will be absorbed in yesterday by tomorrow , and, all the today's are the future we yearned for, with promise

Today I have to be at my best Live to excel in the resilience of the prescient moment
Go with the momentum of relentless movement.

I cannot stop to yearn for the good old days or mourn for what ought to have been, BUT is not.

I cannot presume the incoming days will bring uncommon results YET to be perceived

I must now live with the fire of the future and the past burning with passion in a fusion of time that does not wait.

Relish the release with ease
For you have been and seen
The science of it is a known scene

Do not Be engulfed with the current
Inhale the scent of your ASCENT

Do not deflect

Know that:The New year has ears that will hear the sounds that will sing songs of Disconnect
And voices that will seek to Reconnect

The year has eyes that will perceive the sapped nectar
That the months have tarred

The year has a nose that will smell the Rose's that were once red now retired

But the months have a soul that speed and do not tarry or get tired

Because you worry and are all wired

Get ready for the signs that are WEIRD
Do not you DREAD
[ ] As the year stretch with endless
[ ] You just surge
[ ] You must splurge
[ ] Go With a seasoned urge
[ ] To the reasoned gorge
[ ] End gorgeous
[ ] In colours rouge
Do not be a rogue

Are you in a Daze ?
Make cognitive haste
To dispel the stagnant haze

Do not leave a vast blank
To your angst

Know that it is done
Do not be bound

Do not ruin it down
Or the dawn trounce
For you will bounce
Do Make a claim for an ounce


Do not blink away the CHANCE
Make a a run to life ENHANCE
Do not be a dunce
Today has arrived as though in a TRANCE
So Do a waltz of a Dance

Yesterday has been made mute
By tomorrow that will make the unknown news

Today is fresh and New

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