27.03.2020 Press Release

Ghana To Lock Down???

Ghana To Lock Down???
LISTEN MAR 27, 2020

The world has been ravaged by a deadly and dangerous disease called novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

The deadly virus overwhelmed the Chinese after Wuhan province inhabiting about 50 million people became the origin of this virus which culminated into terminating lives and thwarting business activities.

China became the epic center when it recorded over thousands of casualties.

The epic center has moved to Europe now the virus is shutting down, threatening lives and properties of first world countries without any antidote to the virus albeit all the striking forces of people with the scientific acumen and knowledge in the area of health.

The disease is now spreading and racing in Africa without sympathy to our vulnerable health system.

The world health organization has only proffered ways to minimize the spread of the deadly virus by encouraging us to practice good personal hygiene, washing our hands with soap, using sanitizers and social distancing to curb the spread of the disease.

The virus has overwhelmed the world because, it has no respect for the affluent and poor in society.

Many businesses are folding and we are losing human capital on daily basis, our economic variables are showing negative signs due to business inactivity.

Many countries are locking down to halt the spread of the deadly virus but can a lock down be the only alternative to struggling economies???

Africa is having a weak economic system and the food chain would gravely be affected if there is a lock down today. We are relatively a poor continent with a poor population.

There is a flippant and a juvenile theatric group calling for a lock down which is going to be more catastrophic and loss of lives by hunger more than as it occasioned 1983 in Ghana.

A country that has her budget and every economic variable in deficit cannot afford a lock down.

President Akufo is now seeking $35 million out of the $100 million he ghostly allocated to the fight against COVID-19 from IMF.

Ghana is generally vulnerable but we cannot afford a lock down because it is going to kill us more than the novel coronavirus.

A country where we queue to go to toilet, a country of dysfunctional water supply system, erratic power supply cannot afford a lock down.

We must vigorously enhance and champion the WHO precautions else we will all die like rats and rodents being fumigated.

Nana Akufo Addo, President of the republic of Ghana cannot be said to be a champion of rule of law but embraces arbitrary justice.

On the eve of the spread of the deadly virus, the president gave a directive that all citizens needed to adhere to but NIA is flouting and has flouted the presidents directive unceremoniously.

On the face of social distancing as the precautionary measure to curb the menace, the president has demonstrated that he is thinking about the next election but not the next generation.

Mr President it is clear Professor Ken Attafuah is having your blessings that is why he is emboldened expose the people to such deadly virus.

I call on civil society organizations, Christian Council, media and the National chief Imam to speak to this evil that the Government wants to plunge the country into.

Ghanaians cannot afford a lock down….
Desmond Twumasi Ntow
National Organizer

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