Voice Of Reason: The World's Darkest Moments Are Here

Feature Article Voice Of Reason: The World's  Darkest Moments Are Here
MAR 27, 2020 LISTEN

The world has began to come to grasp.
The third world- war is finally here.
Major cities have suddenly turned into ghost cities with fear.

Medical doctors and nurses have traded their usual gowns for protective gears.

Masks, gloves, coats, glasses are their new work gear.

No, expressive greetings.
No, huggings.
Or handshakes or kissings.
'Lockdowns' or 'social -distancing' is our new way.

But,it makes us keep in touch often with friends and relatives who have fallen away.

Our days are now filled with WhatsAPP chats.
Friends and relatives talk on video streaming shows.

Schools are closed with no time frame.
Public gatherings are things of the past.
Everything is disinfected and sanitized over and over.

We have to adjust by learning to live indoors.
We no longer can celebrate baby- christening ,birthdays or marriages.

Our favorite pastime; funeral is forbidden.
Covid-19 robs families of their chance to say a final good -bye.

The pandemic kills twice.
First,it isolates you from your loved ones ,right before you die.

Then, it doesn't allow anyone to get closer.
And, surely it doesn't allow anyone to get closure.

Victims of the covid-19 are dying in hospitals' isolation.

Without any family or friend's consolation.
Corpses are being sealed in one- way.
And, immediately taken away.
So many families want to see their loved ones' bodies ,one last time.

But, it's forbidden.
Burying personal items is now illegal.
A drastic measure, but one designed to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

The dead can't be buried in their finest and favorite clothes.

Instead, it's the anonymity of the hospital gowns.
It has made the undertakers act as replacement of families, friends and priests.

Because people who are close to the dead will be quarantined.

The hardiest thing for the medical professionals is not the inability to ease the pain of the bereaved families.

But they have to worry about their own mortality and safety of their families.

This is a war ,so let's treat it as such with all the arsenals at our disposal.

Indeed, corona virus is denying even small dignity to the dead.

From kwaku Adu-Gyamfi (voice of reason)
*The author is a social commentator and a diehard concerned citizen, not a spectator.