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27.03.2020 Regional News

ATM Machines Of Banks May Spread Coronavirus--Entrepreneur

ATM Machines Of Banks May Spread Coronavirus--Entrepreneur
LISTEN MAR 27, 2020

Secretary for Concerned About Ghana Association(CAGA), Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip has advocated against the use of Automated Teller Machines popularly called ATM machines in this critical time of Coronavirus.

According to him many people use the machine regularly without being sanitized or better still being quarantined to be sure they are not infected.

"We can have about 500 people using one ATM machine in a Day without knowing their status, this virus also involves having contact with surfaces so how sure are we the keypads touched by all these people during the transaction won't expose them to the virus? Most at times when travelling people stop to use these ATM machines even at late hours making it difficult to regulate them.

...So the best option now is to ensure every transaction is carried out inside the Banking hall and before there is an issue one can be able to monitor the activities of his customers, there can also be a health expert in the banks to check people to ensure they aren't infected" he said.

The secretary was strictly against allowing Banks to operate normally.

Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip is an Entrepreneur and Researcher into Social Issues.