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26.03.2020 Letter

Bravo! Let’s Explore Ghana Contextual Solution To COVID-19

By Jacob Osei Yeboah || JOY 2016/2020
Bravo! Let’s Explore Ghana Contextual Solution To COVID-19
LISTEN MAR 26, 2020

H.E. Nana Addo
The Office of the President
Jubilee House
Dear Mr. President,
Your Excellency, the tactical approach in handling coved-19 since 12th March, 2020 when Ghana recorded the first two cases of coved-19 needs to be recommended as observed by JOY2020 health and international intelligence monitoring team on Covid-19. After prayers and fasting, the good Lord will not miraculously kill coved-19 but His Spirit will give us wisdom and courage to defeat coved-19 in Ghana.

However, the strategic approach should rather explore local contextual solution based on covid-19 adapted behaviour in our environment, especially the weather conditions for the month of April and May will be crucial.

Ghanaian scientists and medical experts will have to use the secondary precautionary pieces of information from China and other developed nations as a foundation to study the adapted environmental behaviour of coved-19 in Ghana. The JOY2020 Health team will not belabour your team in trying to adopt the same solutions as China and other developed nations.

The JOY2020 team however, would want to suggest the government hastens slowly and rather strategically adopt a solution based on the scientific understanding of the NATURE OF COVID-19, Ghana's economic and socio-cultural endeavour. This approach will enable Ghana to define our own scientific lockdown that will not have adverse ramifications on our authentic existence.

We will therefore suggest the following complementary approach

1. By nature of coved-19, we mean how coved-19 attack the body, the process of invading the host organism and period it takes to hijack the host's genetic instructions. How long coved-19 can remain viable and capable of infection after passing the skin and mucus to enter a suitable cell.

2. What temperature, humidity and aerosol conditions is suitable for coved-19 to incubate and begin to replicate. What factors and interventions that can be made before and during incubation to deactivate and stop coved-19 to serve as precautionary preventive measures.

3. A team of virologists and meteorologists as a matter of urgency to team up to stimulate the next two months weather conditions in Ghana and behavioural pattern of coved-19 to enable Ghana deal with contextual intervention to flatten the growth curve in our socio-cultural settings.

4. Barring coved-19, 38 cases of quarantined importers into Ghana, the 30 cases among the population is lower than the expected exponential growth of covid-19 cases since 12th March, 2020. Covid-19 should have reported 32 cases as at 24th March, 2020. Using the foundation of doubling Covid-19 cases every three days, it is expected that by 27th March, the population cases should rise to 64. If this pattern is not observed, the fear and pressure of lockdown is nonexistent. It will be the second time the growth curve among the population showing signs of flattening.

5. In the case, the growth exceeds the expected, Ghana can have a long weekend of lockdown from Saturday 28th -31st March, which could be family home retreat period and holiday. The team of virologists and scientists should have been ready with pieces of information and attitude to flatten the curve and deactivate the growth of coved-19.

6. Ghana should consider daily inhalation of vapour at temperatures above 50 degree every night before sleep as an intelligence preventive measure before the team of virologists and meteorologists affirm. WHO has cautioned a prevailing temperature and humidity that can aerosolized covid-19 and Ghana needs to search for such conditions. This is to deactivate coved-19 before and during incubation.

7. The retired health workers patronage is a good idea but their lives could be threatened by coved-19. However, government can train and employ the services of unemployed nurses and health workers. We need to reconsider how these health workers could be assigned within geographical radii to assess and attend to patients who are not in critical conditions at their residences to support them.

8. The government should be resolute and courageous in giving factual information about the effects of covid-19 so Ghanaians will adopt appropriate attitude to defeat coved-19. Total lockdown may not be appropriate solution for Ghana.

9. If Ghanaians adopt coved-19 attitude towards all bacterial and virus infections the cost of health will reduce and productivity of the workforce will increase.

10. After prayers and fasting, God will fill us with His Holy Spirit to discover the cure and perpetually prevent and defeat coved-19 with vaccination and medication. The better lesson will be an improved hygienist lifestyle by Ghanaians.

JOY2020 health team would like to thank all those who are risking their lives to save lives and defeat covid-19 and all those who in diverse ways are donating and educating selflessly towards the same purpose.

Thank you H.E NANA Addo for your attention and may God help courageous stakeholders to continue to find contextual local solution for covid-19 and Ghanaians who are more than willing to follow the appropriate instruction.

Yours Sincerely,
Jacob Osei Yeboah (aka JOY2012)
(Independent Presidential Candidate 2012 & 2016)
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