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24.03.2020 Feature Article

COVID-19: The Mass Burial Ground For African Souls

COVID-19: The Mass Burial Ground For African Souls
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And it shall come to pass as Africa never trusted her facilities and expertise, would export her sons and daughters in the name of seeking healthcare abroad sequel to the outbreak of the global epidemic coronavirus, christened: COVID-19.

The destination of these beautiful souls of the African land is Asia, specifically; China, where the disease was birthed.

Within a fortnight, the Chinese built a hospital purposely to admit coronavirus patients. As do dictators, the Chinese government imposed a total lockdown of the country. A state of emergency - STAY AT HOME.

It didn't take long, as Italy, Spain, Iran and the United States are facing the fury of this novel coronavirus, the Chinese are reporting zero cases inland, inside mainland China, safe imported cases by their countrymen from abroad.

If their citizens abroad could be brought back home to seek healthcare, and they're now recording lower death rates, far below that of Italy, why not open their hospital which is becoming empty of patients as the days progress to their allies?

Which of China's allies would with haste jump to embrace such goodwill benevolent spirit of offer?

It's those whose DNA is of legendary affinity to freebies. Those, 54 of them, who couldn't, judging by their vast resources, collate them in cash and in kind to build a befitting headquarters for their Presidents and heads of States, but went to the same China to seek housing - the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

That building, the AU offices, I learn the Chinese hid bugging gadgets there, and they eavesdrop on discussions made by the African leaders.

We couldn't trust them when we sought housing from them. They did, as do voyeurs, intruded in and saw our nakedness. In their sight, we're nude, not clothed.

Is it the lives of our people that we can place in their custody?

Oh Africa, where did we go wrong?
All the herbs that surround us are laden with medicinal value, the very source of Western artificial drugs, we don't value it, but the imported artificial ones made by the whiteman.

Imagine the Hawk who recently swooped on the Hen and her chicks. After trying without success to prey to extinction all the chicken family, the Hawk now comes back as a physician who only posses the magic cure for the ailment that's ravaging the land of the Hens.

The Hen that's without second thought, accept this offer has never experienced the plunder and the pillage that Africa has gone through in the hands of the Chinese.

Where Africa discovered bequeathed resources in her land, be it gold in the belly of the soil, or the precious rose tree that do not only give healing powers, but the best of long lasting furniture; China picks her Trident, forking the betters without a proper account to the African that sits by the riverside and wash the hand with spittle.

We'll only mention without details, the channelling of our sauna and fauna through pipes that irrigates industries in the Chinese land. Not for trophy hunting, but our rhinos are stolen for their horns. One they believe rekindles the dying libido of the Asian giants.

The anger of the African reading this piece is still simmering for revenge. I must halt it here revealing to light the evils these detractors mastermind in the ungodly darkness.

Our attention should be on the coronavirus now. It'll be of no use to arm and fight back what the Chinese have stolen from the Africans, but we have the strength today to stop the mass exportation of our African souls to China which would be a mass grave for our people, after, for rituals, the organs of our people are traded there.

I've read a number of books written by Robert Greene. The likes of: 33 Strategies Of War, The Art Of Seduction, and The Art Of Mastery. The one that has left a lasting guideline on my life is his masterpiece: The 48 Laws Of Power.

In that book, he calls: "to be able to say NO to a free gift/offer, is a source of power" (sic).

We're not new to disease outbreaks. Our forebears, without knowledge in Western medicine, met and battled disease outbreaks. They won. The fierce deadly one was the Gold Coast Influenza (1918-1919). We're descendants of those great men of Africa of old.

If through their toxified foods exported to us we're not annihilated, and for the betters of our land is their target when we're no more, we're staying and make use of the healing powers of the African God in our natural medicine.

If it's to the Africans that China is placarding her empty beds in the media, we're now the proverbial Mouse who was told the evil thoughts of the former friend Cat.

The One Ghana Movement is not only gathering patriotic Ghanaians to redeem and rebuild from the debris the fallen walls of Ghana, but through this writeup alerting all Africans the cloud that portends to hang our African space very soon.

Awake Africa!
Long live Africa!
*Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)*
*Founder of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)*
*Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111*
*Email: [email protected]*

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