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24.03.2020 Feature Article

Why Are African Political Leaders Not Spearheading The Continental Unity Of Africa?

Why Are African Political Leaders Not Spearheading The Continental Unity Of Africa?
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I find it extremely difficult to understand why, ever since Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkuromah was overthrown by people who were envious of his vision and developmental gifts, today's African Political leaders, are not spearheading the continental unity of Africa. Is it because of selfishness on the part of the said leaders or they do not believe that unity is strength?

What will Africa be if it is transformed into the United States Of Africa? Can we imagine how powerful and industrious Africa will be? If the United States Of America has become so powerful, I strongly believe that it is because they put into practice, the saying that, Unity is Strength. If the US has been able to make good use of the said saying, I believe Africans can do the same.

Hence, let Africans begin to prepare their minds to establish the long-awaited continental unity, and I believe it will enable us to liberate our people from naked exploitation, abject poverty, slavery, and misery; because it will enable us to change the structure of our economy and we will truly be in - charge of our economy. There will be no need for us to have our mouths in the kitchen of our development partners. We shall enjoy our true independence.

So let us begin to prepare for the said unity by organising a debate on this great Continental Unity in all our African schools, as a way of helping our pupils and students, to know the importance of the said unity.

Town Hall meetings should also be organized to educate ourselves on the importance of our continental unity.

The timeline should be given for this great transformation so that we can all work towards it.

A continental unity meeting should be organized every 6 months, if possible, to begin to draw up modalities for the establishment of our Continental Unity.

I do not believe the current African Union can liberate Africans from the existing naked exploitation, abject poverty, slavery, and misery. Let us not copy the European Union, let us copy the United States Of America because theirs is the best and true unity.

Let the youth of Africa spearhead the said unity because it is the panacea for your bright future and the fulfillment of your great hopes.

Long live Africa.


Rev. Fr. James Ignatius Yaw Amponsah

[email protected]