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24.03.2020 Opinion

Shalom All, Please Pray YAHWEH Not To Spreading Coronavirus

By Elder M. Srikanth
Shalom All, Please Pray YAHWEH Not To Spreading Coronavirus
LISTEN MAR 24, 2020

Sabbath Greetings to all!

I have been getting in touch with you for many years I have been praying and sending weekly emails. But our Sabbath worship family none could respond. Reasons unknown. Even though As we are Sabbath keepers I have the responsibility of praying for all of you. Our Passover is coming soon. Let us unite together to praise our loving Elohim in spirit and in truth.

We pray Yeshua not to spread corona all over the world. Our almighty YHWH has always been protesting His children Thank be to YHWH. The deadly coronavirus spread of the world.

About Coronavirus

The trumpet has clearly described the deadly disease is fulfilling prophecy REV 6.16:7, MATT 24, PSALMS 33: 13-15, 2 PETER 3:9, AMOS 7:: 7,8 ZECH 6::6,7.Exo 9:14.

When deeply prayed YHWH the corona never spread of His children.

please read PSALMS 91:10.ISAIAH 41:10,2 TIM 1:7,PSALMS 34:4,PHIL 4:6-7,1 PETER 5:7.ISAIAH 26:21.

Let us steadfast in pure faith and deep prayers not to spreading His children of YAHWEH. Our Sabbath believers and I bitterly wept and prayed YHWH to heal those who have affected from COVID-19 virus. Hundreds and thousands of people are dying all over the world.

May almighty YHWH hear our tearful prayers.

Please pray for us as we pray for you

Stay blessed

Yours in Him Elder M. Srikanth I INDIA