23.03.2020 Opinion

The Government Has Done His Part

By Benjamin Boakye
The Government Has Done His Part
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I was gripped with an astonishing fear when I overheard our brothers (Muslims) proclaim their ”Azan” in preparation to go to the mosque to worship on Thursday, 19th March 2020, as I sat in the comfort of my home in a self-quarantine, one of the preventive measures to help slow or eliminate the spread of this hysterical coronavirus entirely.

I was quite amused at the number of people who trooped into the mosque on the day, so I assumed probably, the virus is a Muslim and therefore can not infect any even if it gets to their doorstep.

In curiosity, I joined the public transport the next day fully protected with my nose mask, hand gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. to witness the Kumasi Central Mosque and its operation.

Astoundingly, a twelve-passenger van was taking fifteen passengers. I was so flabbergasted at how the people of Kumasi were not ready to help stop the further spread of this Virus. Contributing my quota to the already existing public education and as a concerned citizen of this nation, in an attempt to educate the public came out a voice in the van saying, “naked we came, naked shall we go, if we are to die of this virus we will die no matter how you cover yourself”.

I felt somehow embarrassed because everybody in the van turned to look at me. The statement that was made meant to me that, the public is massively aware of the virus and how deadly it is, yet have turned death ear to it precautions.

Upon arrival at the Kumasi Central mosque at exactly, 12:50 pm, they had already finish proclaiming their “Azan”, from there I saw my brothers with their ablution can performing their daily ablution. Well, I thought they may be doing individual worship not to flaunt the social distancing directive. Before I had finished thinking, almost the place was full. Then I ask, “who is not playing his role, the government, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the security agencies or the citizens?

I went on to further ask, “what else can be done after all these measures if citizens are not ready to comply to these basic rudiments?

The Government and the Ministries have done their part by outlining certain preventive measures which could one way or the other help combat this pandemic.

What then as citizens do we have to do? Ours is just to observe these measures which seem to be the easiest to do yet, we get people flaunting these directives each and every day. The Government would have been uselessly criticized when nothing was done about this pandemic grown epidemic yet the same people are out there promoting the spread of the disease.

Maybe the Government should order the task force and security agencies mandated to patrol around all corners of the nation to ensure that all public gathering and social distancing are well adhered to.

Sometimes I think following the directives of other countries by releasing thousands of tigers in the street to ensure citizens are self-quarantined will even see some people wandering in the street to see if they are real. The cure to this virus is with us and not in the hands of any health director of medical doctor. No one knows who is okay or who can infect you.

Be responsible, stay in quarantine.
Enning Richnard Aboagye
Executive Secretary
Captains Connekt Foundation.

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