23.03.2020 Headlines

Coronavirus:Top Broadcast Journalist Killed

Zororo Makamba
LISTEN MAR 23, 2020
Zororo Makamba

A renowned broadcast Journalist has died through the deadly coronavirus that continues to claim thousands of lives across the globe

The death of the Zimbabwean broadcaster Zororo Makamba, 30 has been described as a tragic illustration that even the young can succumb to coronavirus.

Makamba had a high profile as a broadcaster and had come from a wealthy family.

He was diagnosed with coronavirus on Saturday, and his condition deteriorated rapidly after he was admitted to an isolation centre in the capital, Harare.

Meanwhile, the first man to contract the virus is said to be recovering well in self-isolation.

There are concerns about Zimbabwe’s ability to cope with the disease, even if there are only a few cases. A nation which, at the best of times, has shortages of basics such as painkillers, gloves and masks, and a more critical shortage of ventilators and oxygen tanks.

As the reality sinks in, Zimbabweans have begun observing a ban on large gatherings.

On Sunday, churches were largely empty and on Monday banking halls and some supermarkets are limiting the number of people within their premises.


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