22.03.2020 Opinion

GHANA needs to Lock Down!

By Michael Atuahene Djan
Michael Atuahene Djan
LISTEN MAR 22, 2020
Michael Atuahene Djan

I am glad we are receiving good initiatives from our President for the past few days, however, I think it will also be soo appropriate to lock down the country as soon as possible. We shouldn't wait to receive bad news on the matter before we take action! At the moment we have 1 person dead of the virus, and this isn't good news for us as a small country. It started like this in Italy and we can testify to the aftermath results from them. Italy has more than 4,000 death among the infected persons today.

Ghana needs to be Locked down so we can contain the infected, and focus on treating them. The likes of Italy, China, US among other countries are been hit hard by the virus regardless of how strong their economy and the resources they have. Locking down the country will help a lot in the best preventive measure: SOCIAL DISTANCING

We need to be pragmatic about this. We are in critical moments, and we can't allow normal daily routines in our country.

LOCK down the country now!!!!
Michael Atuahene Djan
A true Son of KASOA

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