22.03.2020 Letter

Ali's Romantic Letter to BECE and WASSCE Candidates

By Bala Ali
Ali's Romantic Letter to BECE and WASSCE Candidates
LISTEN MAR 22, 2020

The decision of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to order the closure of school for final year students has gingered me to write this romantic letter to our cherished WASSCE and BECE candidates.

My dear, intelligent, romantic, COVID 19-free, nationalistic future leaders of Ghana, I know you are all aware that it is the Novel COVID 19 that has coerced our leaders to take this decision. As typical of me, I would want to suggest to you in this romantic letter to take advantage of the situation. I mean instead of joining irresponsible self-centred guys who would drag you into a needless debate on the closure of classes for you, you should rather be thinking about what you can do as individuals to turn this situation into a blessing for yourselves rather than a bane.

My first love, you know something, they are going to tell you that you have a lot of topics to cover so this can cause your failure. Nevertheless, I consider it as a statement made on impulse and principle of absurdity. The truth is that, you are in school to revise and address topics of relevance with respect to your examination, based on your teachers' predictions. If per adventure, you were not able to cover certain topics at all, this is the time to address them yourselves. Should they be right at all, you should let them know that you prefer failing your examination to contracting COVID 19.

My "coin of gold, shining coal, you, my night, my sun," ( I Will Pronounce Your Name, Leopold Sedar Senghor) I now want to respectfully appeal to your emotions and heart, so please listen to me with the mood of romance and tone of acceptance. As I hinted earlier in the above that you should take advantage of the situation to brighten your chances of getting better grace, I now want to reason with you on how to achieve that.

We are all aware that there are subjects we can learn on our own as students. The first thing I want "my night and my sun" to do is to master those subjects before GES or WAEC say jack. This can easily be done by spending greater percentage of your time on your books as you adhere to the social distance measures put in place. The joy of a student is derived from learning and understanding topics on their own. On a functional note, you are going to learn how to be independent students, a hallmark of first-class students.

For difficult topics which call for guidance of teachers, I will suggest that you, first of all, go through them and then reach your teachers or people with fair understanding of such topics to help you. This is also time for you to use the internet by way of digging for information on difficult issues. This creates platform for you to develop interest in electronic learning. Visit YouTube with your issues. Just be specific as you attempt to seek for solutions to your issues.

Above all, "my sugared clarity of blooming coffee trees," the best way you can prepare for your examination under this directive is to go into calculated self-quarantine. Avoid unnecessary visits. Do not also allow visits unless it has to do with your preparation for this examination. Even with that, observe social distance of more than the prescribed 2 meters.

Sweety, your jealous lover cannot conclude this letter without telling you to treat with the highest level of contempt, I mean, disrespect, any comment that intends to encourage you to engage in acts that will not only let you fail your examination but can also expose you to the COVID 19.


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